Discover jargon-free sales training online (for people who don't like sales)

People hate selling because they don't understand how to do it.  They do a bad job and then think that is what sales is ...  Well I am here to teach you otherwise. 

If phrases like “close that sale” make you sweat then it’s time to change the way you approach selling.

Selling isn’t a performance and it isn’t manipulation. Selling is simply a matter of helping people buy.  The KISS to Sell program will blow away your myths about sales and show you how to engage with your clients in a more profitable and meaningful way.

When you can connect your clients needs with your passion, more sales will follow. Simple!

What People are Saying

"You've also got a 'cleanness' about the way you speak ...  without verbal clutter, without baggage. I look forward to in the future working with you and learning the secrets of selling." Erin O'Brien - Activate28 - Founder

"Her no nonsense approach & ability to represent the value of services & technologies has recruited large numbers of new customers." Andy Huntrods - Trend Micro

“Fran has a unique approach to dealing with clients.” Jo Shannon - Computerlec

The KISS Results

On completion of the KISS to Sell online sales training program you will improve your business bottom line through:

  • Finding out what key selling techniques will help you win over customers more quickly and easily
  • Producing a winning sales proposal that gets read and gets your clients saying "Yes"
  • Developing a powerful and simple message that will get people buying
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of what your clients are searching for
  • Being more confident about connecting their need with what you do, so they will buy from you
  • Developing a way for you to introduce your business, that gets people nodding and wanting to know more
  • Creating a sales process that makes it easy for your clients to do business with you
  • Understanding which clients will deliver you better profits and less stress
  • Learning how to be yourself and build trust with your clients
  • Learning that knowing who your best fit client is will lead you to greater profits (with less heartache)
  • Developing a sales style that fits with your personality (that you can adapt to different clients)

What People Are Saying

"Frances is an outstanding thinker and verbaliser with a vast knowledge on the best way to improve businesses.” Peter Hannan  - Hannan IT - Managing Director

"Frances helped us deliver a now proven sales process to allow our sales team to focus on more effective selling." Will Collie - No Bolt - Managing Director

What you Get with KISS to Sell


Each week for 8 Weeks you will receive:


  • A new KISS to Sell sales training video introducing the next 3 KISS to Sell concepts for you to apply to your business
  • A comprehensive KISS to Sell Program Workbook with a Step by Step guide including a summary of the video & practical material to get you thinking about and working on your business.
  • Bonus Insights - that will give you exclusive tips into selling techniques and skills that when applied will deliver new and profitable clients.


As a KISS To Sell Member You also receive:


  • Access to KISS To Sell Exclusive Members Area where you can access the bonus material, ask any questions that come up, access ideas on how to maintain and grow your Sales Mojo.
  • A 1-hour Skype Tutorial with Frances Pratt to further explore any topic in the program
  • Lifetime Access - with Monthly updates and tips

KISS To Sell Online Sales Training Program

Each week the KISS to Sell Video, Workbook & Insights will soon become your indespensible sales bible. You'll discover more details about each new KISS concept, exercises, checklists and tools to help you apply what you learn to your business straight away. Most importantly there is room to document your observations from your sales practise (that’s right, you have to practise!).

There are more than 32 practical exercises that help you apply each KISS to Sell concept for your business success.

The videos, the insights and the workbooks all work together to keep you on track and using the KISS to Sell sales training program to make successful changes in your business.