The Money Making Program From Australia’s Leading Business Coach for Women...

Attention passionate women in business who want to easily and confidently talk to their clients and build a business around adding value to them and making the money you deserve.

So ... what difference will this make?

Here is what this course has meant to my clients:

  • More sales.  During the course I had my highest sales week ever in business.
  • I ring people now … and they say yes to me
  • My confidence has grown ten-fold.  I now stand up to make my calls because it makes me feel more confident.
  • Definitely more confident in my sales.
  • I have a client roadmap that I love using with my clients
  • Empowered.  I loved that first piece where we talked about the numbers and just knowing what I need to do to get the results that I want.

“You give me the words to say and

I understand why they are important. 

I am less awkward now and

know the messages I need to get across

and why they will work.”

Who is this for?

I have worked with artists, virtual assistants, healers, bookkeepers, corporate consultants, kitchen designers, brand specialists, graphic designers, portrait painters, house painters, stylists .... the one thing they all have in common is they are all women with a passion who want more clients and who deserve more money.

The biggest reward for me is seeing women get it and then translate this into money.  Most participants make their money for this course back by week 4:

“I didn’t expect to be able to change so quickly

I thought I would need to do a lot more practising. 

But by week 4, things were already changing

and it was making a

huge difference in my sales and a

huge difference in my confidence

I didn’t expect to be so different within 4 weeks.”


 “Just this evening I had 2 prospects walk out

having made substantial purchases.

The biggest thing for me to take

out of the evening was to 

let go of my “marketing” perfectionism 

and adopt a more 

flexible “sales” approach 

– it paid dividends!"












More money.  Less icky pushy sales tricks.

Does the word SELLING conjure up slick used-car-salesmen, guilt ridden party plan events or cringe worthy pushy call centres?

Or maybe the phrase “close that sale” make you sweat?

You see so many sales trainers out there teaching their hustle to $100K plan”, and “objection crushers workshop” or the worst one yet “closing on the first cold call”.

If you get all sweaty and mumbling like a teenager in the principal’s office when people ask, “how much do you charge?”  then you are in the right place.

You are certainly not alone.

So many women tell me they hate selling because they don't understand how to do it. 

They do a bad job and then think that is what sales is.

Well I am here to show you another way.

Because it’s time to change the way you approach selling.

Selling isn’t a performance and it isn’t manipulation. 

Selling is simply a matter of helping people buy. 

How do I know this?

Well, my name is Frances Pratt and I have been selling over 20 years across every industry and small to large businesses.

And without wanting to sound like a braggart, I have been exceptionally successful.

Not only that but I have been helping my coaching clients and my mentees with it too. Helping them overcome often what is the story in there head about why they are not good at sales.

In fact, I love sales...

But I know that if you are reading this page, then selling is probably not in your top 10 favourite pastimes.

Many women may go a step further and say they hate sales.

Does that sound like you?

The honest truth is whatever your feelings about the process of selling,

sales is the lifeblood of your business.

Nothing happens until a sale is made.

Especially if you are a small business owner then you have to be the sales champion.

And that is why I created a program that demystify “sales” and shows people just like you, who don’t like sales how to make selling part of what they do every day … so it really doesn’t seem like selling at all.

So, if you are ready to blow away your myths about sales, get over your fear of asking for the sale, I am going to show you how to engage with your clients in a more profitable and meaningful way.


KISS To Sell

Money Making Program That Helps You
Keep It Simple To Sell 

Here is just a taste of what you WILL get with Kiss To Sell. Inside this program, I will reveal how to:

  • Finally, discover the exact money and metrics that are the keys to know in your business to grow. Profit is important but it isn’t the only key to your success!
  • THE BIGGEST SUCCESS STEP YOU CAN TAKE. What you need to do to turn this one new client into many new clients for years to come! Setting this up from the very start keeps your calendar booked solid for months to come and if done right can ensure you never have to hunt new clients ever again. (This involves learning how to say “no” to what is no longer your responsibility!)
  • Become a sales champion. I am going to walk you through the easily step up you need to take to become the true sales champion in the business. You will discover that by moulding a process to suit you and your business you can start to build your confidence and that begins you on the path to successful selling.
  • Create and walk away with THE exact sales systems and strategies for your business so that you can sell without the sleaze.
  • Build your selling confidence and understand we are all human and the woman buying for her large corporate organisation with a million-dollar budget has the same buying psychology as a solo business owner investing in her first website.
  • Design and implement your perfect sales proposal. No matter your business there are things you have to cover for every ideal client.    
  • Tap into the power of likeability and to embed it into your client interactions.


You can connect your clients’ needs

with your passion, more sales will follow.



Here is an overview of what you can
expect to learn with the
KISS To Sell Program:


Module One: The Trinity Of Triumph

You + Them = Success

Firstly, we need to know which way you want to go so that we will be able to get your there. In this first module we begin digging into the 3 most important element you need for your sales success, Money and Metrics, Lead Generation and Selling.

Module Two: Think, Be, Do

Selling is about YOU

If you are unprepared and undervalue yourself and your clients, you simply cannot sell to anyone. You and your actions are the biggest influence on the results you achieve. That is why inside this module, we will work on the number 1 rule of really effective selling: being yourself.

Module Three: Selling From ‘The First Date’

Selling is a lot like dating, you need to know who your type is, how you fit into their world, and how you can be a long-term partner for them.

But like dating, you need to make sure that you picky from the get-go.

Because here is your reframe.

You are the prize.

So just like a good friend, I can’t send you out there alone until we know who is right for you. In this module we get busy getting to know your ideal client, package yourself up to them as the prize solution that you are and then creating the steps you need to draw them in to you.

Module Four: Being Pitch Perfect

People buy confidence, the confidence you can do the job for them.

If you can’t tell people what is in it for them, how it works and how much it costs without stumbling, muttering and apologising your way through your pitch the sale is lost before you have even begun.

When you’re prepared and you’ve done your homework, you’ll be confident and relaxed and that is one of the secrets of successful sales. So before you start talking to clients you must do your homework.

Module Five:  Conversation And Contacts That Count

So you know who your ideal person is. You know what they need. You know how to pitch it to them perfectly. NOW IS THE TIME to communicate that all to them. All the steps from having a reason to get in touch in the first place, making a memorable first impression, to flawless follow up emails, this module is about creating confident scripts and strategies that are essential to your sales success.

Module Six: Meetings With Meaning

We’ve all had that first sales meeting that felt a huge waste of time. This module is about setting the first meeting up to add value. Because now that you’re face to face with your prospective client it’s time to dig even deeper and really get to know them. But that doesn’t mean that they are in charge and are running the agenda. This module takes you through the most important elements of a successful sales meeting.

Module Seven: Flawless Follow Up

Phew, you’ve done the hard yards, now it is time to ensure that you follow up flawlessly and make the choice of working with you an easy yes! Together we will create your perfect sales proposal and implement a follow up plan that serves you profit for years to come.

Module Eight: Pulling It Together

The final step in your sales success journey. Together we are going to tie this up with a big profitable bow, so you can confidently sell yourself and your services. I am going to show you how To Avoid Awkward Price Haggling, uncover And Interpret Buying Signals and importantly the strategy of Soul-Keeping Selling.

The KISS To Sell Program gives you;

A Step-by-Step Transformation Portal

Video & Audio online ALL the time... With the Step-By-Step Training, the opportunity to do it in a few hours, a little each day or over a week. It’s your choice how you do it is up to you.  On-demand, online training means it is best suited to you, wherever you are and whatever your schedule. It includes everything that you need so you are equipped with the tools, trainings, & guidance to save you countless years of "wrong" turns. You'll have access to a proven approach that is predictably repeatable that has achieved outstanding results for my clients. With online access, you can keep coming back to dip and dip out any time you need to.

Instructional Videos and Actionable Activities

Each element includes specific video lessons that walk you through vital insights. Each video and activity is designed to help you build momentum fast, without the overwhelm. This means so you will discover what you need to know to understand the changes you need to do, in the logical order you need to use them in!

Fast, actionable and fun transformational proven, activities that are quick, easy and specially designed to get you out from selling yourself and your services fast!

Take and Tweak Templates, Scripts and Cheat Sheets

These are as close to having me do all the work for you! My templates and cheat sheets are years in the making, tested on the selling battlefield. With hundreds of thousands of dollars having been brought in these templates, it is like me transferring 20 years of knowledge into your computer ready for you to drop straight into your business selling systems.

So that’s how I can help you to;

Keep it simple to sell 


And because I believe in what I do and have the results to back it up I am pleased to off you my:

 “Kiss To Sell 30 Day Money Back” Guarantee

Watch through the videos, see for yourself just how quickly you can understand the very steps you need to take to sell yourself and your services. Follow along with my guides and have my checklists on hand. You’ll be so impressed you will how quickly things improve you will wonder why you waited this long to get started.

And if you are like 99.9% of my clients you will be thrilled with the quick and easy training that helps you take action towards making your dream business a reality.

However, in the unlikely event, you don’t love it, contact me directly within 30 days and I will courteously and promptly, give you your money back.

So How Much Is It?

Cool... Let's Talk About The Investment...

"KISS To Sell” super affordable!

In fact, it's the most affordable option to work with me in this setting right now.

BUT please don’t let the price fool you. "KISS To Sell” is by far the most complete education you can receive on this topic - especially if you want to make it easier to increase your profits by selling more of your services.

If you are ready to build a business as a coach, consultant, or services provider that you love, that allows you work with clients you love, and I can help you with that, I want to.

That is why I priced "KISS To Sell” this way . . . so it would be within your reach. I wanted to make it accessible and affordable to help those who are really committed to doing this.

I am offering this affordable program to empower you to take action and do something you already know you want to do.

If you really want to do this, I don’t want the price of the method to be what gets in your way.

Therefore, I am offering it to you today at a great price:

Just one payment of $1997.00 (with payment option available)

until the program sells out.
I only take 8 women!

I can only accommodate 8 participants within my schedule.

If you'd like to join me and would like a spot in the program, the time to register is now - before we sell out.

It's Decision Time!

If you made it down to the bottom of this page, chances are you feel even a hint of curiosity that “Kiss To Sell” could help you.

If what you read here today is clicking with you and you know you need to spend some time dedicated turning your dream business into a reality, ACT on it!

Why would you not when there is absolutely nothing to lose!

(And so much to gain!)

Remember, when you sign up today you can take advantage of my: "Kiss To Sell, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee” and this is:

“... you will be thrilled with the quick and easy training that helps you take action towards making your dream business a reality.  However, in the unlikely event, you don’t love it, contact me directly within 30 days and I will courteously and promptly, give you your money back.”

Don't love it? I will refund your money. This is my promise to you!"

I am so confident that you will receive so much value for your business inside the method, and will love your experience, that I am willing to put it all on the line to make this guarantee available to you.

Right now, at this moment is your opportunity to make a decision that will give you the momentum to growing your business like you really want.

You know what is possible.

You only have to look at what you have already created up until now.

Tomorrow is a new game.

And listen: it's important that you take advantage of this TODAY.


You see, my more than 11 years as a business owner have taught me many lessons. And one of the most important is this:

A year from now... six months from now... heck, maybe even only a couple days from now...

You’ll Wish You Had Started TODAY!

Because you’ll feel that familiar “kicked in the gut” pain of regret... knowing all the money, freedom and happiness you let yourself miss out on. Only because you didn’t take advantage of this offer to get my proven methods implemented in your business right away.

Look, I’ve felt that pain before. And I can tell you this:

There’s nothing more agonising than the pain of regret.

And I don’t want you to feel that way.

I know, deep down in my gut that this information will have

a BIG IMPACT on you, on your business… on your finances.

Don’t wait on this one. Don’t agonise over this decision. It’s shouldn’t be difficult.

You’re getting my personal bonus and full money back guarantee as well.

So, don’t fool around with this one.

If you’re ready to truly connect your clients’ needs with your passion and keep it simple to sell...

It’s just too good to miss!

For the love of selling ! 
Fran x


P.S Don't forget to scroll up and take a look at the massive value you'll get by joining Kiss To Sell.

**Don't forget about our "Kiss To Sell 30 Day Guarantee". You can read the details above. BOTTOM LINE YOU RISK NOTHING!


Your KISS To Sell Sales Coaching Journey !

KISS To Sell
The Success Program

KISS To Sell
Keep it simple to sell - 8 week program
  • Your own Step-By-Step Transformation Portal. With on demand training and is complete with Instructional Videos and Actionable Activities, Take and Tweak Templates, Scripts and Cheat Sheets
  • Work at your own pace to create your very own sales system and develop your confidence to sell yourself and your services.
  • TOTAL VALUE $1997

OPTION 1: Pay in full $799
Bonus #1 : Save $1198 off full RRP
Bonus #2: A 30minute ‘Sales Success Power Call’ (VALUE $195)

OPTION 2: Initial Investment $405
Instalment Payment 1 month later $405

Are you ready to find your inner confidence?













KISS To Sell

The Intensive

Perfect for those that have a solid business,
who are ready to take their sales (& income) to the next level

The Intensive is about working with me & a close group (of only 8 ladies) and working through the consulting program:

  • Your Program Includes:
  • Full access to KISS To Sell, Keep it Simple to Sell - 8 Week Program
  • BONUS 2 Pull Together sessions (after week 4 and 8) to ensure you are implementing everything you are learning
  • Your own Step-By-Step Transformation Portal. With on demand training and is complete with Instructional Videos and Actionable Activities, Take and Tweak Templates, Scripts and Cheat Sheets.
  • Weekly Hot Seats with The Brains Trust (VALUE $795)
  • Firm Nod Submissions (VALUE $895)
  • 45 minute Sales Success Power Call (VALUE $195)
  • Access to the Sales Success Squad (VALUE $195)
  • TOTAL VALUE $4077

OPTION 1: Pay in full $1,997
Bonus #1 : Save $2,080 off full RRP
Bonus #2: A 1 HOUR ‘Action Activator Plan’ Co Creation Of Your Customer Journey Roadmap with Fran (to be done at end of 4 week online course).

OPTION 2: Initial Investment $699
Instalment Payment 1 month later $699

Instalment Payment 2 months later $699



KISS To Sell

The Accelerator

My Personal Accelerator Program
Live 1:1 Coaching

The Accelerator is designed for those ready to add an extra zero to their sales each year. Working exclusively 1:1 with Fran you will co-create your entire sales system, from strategies to sales content and selling scripts.

  • Your Program Includes:
  • Full access to KISS To Sell, Keep it Simple to Sell - 8 Week Program
  • Your own Step-By-Step Transformation Portal. With on demand training and is complete with Instructional Videos and Actionable Activities, Take and Tweak Templates, Scripts and Cheat Sheets.
  • A Sales Success Coaching Plan Personalised for you and your business
  • 12 x Weekly Hot Seats 1:1 with Fran. (VALUE $3,995)
  • Firm Nod Submissions:  (VALUE $895)
  • Unlimited Access:   (VALUE $1,495)

OPTION 1: Pay in full $4,995
Bonus #1 : Save $1,390 off RRP
Bonus #2: A 60 minute ‘Sales Success Power Call’ (VALUE $295)

OPTION 2: Initial Investment $1,800
Instalment Payment 1 month later $1,800
Instalment Payment 2 months later $1,800