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KISS To Sell Sales Coaching

By Personal Invitation Only

The Accelerator is designed for those ready to add an extra zero to their sales each year. Working exclusively 1:1 with Fran you will co-create your entire sales system, from strategies to sales content and selling scripts.

How it works:

  • An opening 'Get to know you' 60 minute coaching session via Zoom
  • Weekly material to get you thinking & taking action
  • 10 x weekly coaching sessions of 60 minute via Zoom
  • 10 x summaries of call and ideas PLUS recording of call and homework
  • Any extra material that is required to help you each week to implement what we are working on (for example questionnaires, scripts and templates)
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • A final 60 minute celebration and reflection call via Zoom

For those of you in Melbourne, some face to face coaching is also available

What people say:

"Fran I loved working with you.  You tailored the course to what I wanted and needed to understand about the sales process. You gave me a practical and achievable roadmap to sales success. Eliminating the idea that it is two opposing forces and showed me it is more like two allies working together for the same happy outcome."

"Fran I love that you could help me understand sales in a way that makes me feel comfortable and real.  Now I know it doesn't need to be icky and pushy - thank you!"

Let's get started in your sales confidence & success!!

Money Back Guarantee

Remember, when you sign up today you can take advantage of my: "Kiss To Sell, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee” and this is:

“... you will be thrilled with the quick and easy training that helps you take action towards making your dream business a reality.  However, in the unlikely event, you don’t love it, contact me directly within 30 days and I will courteously and promptly, give you your money back.”

Don't love it? I will refund your money. This is my promise to you!"

I am so confident that you will receive so much value for your business inside the method, and will love your experience, that I am willing to put it all on the line to make this guarantee available to you.

Pay upfront for $4,955 (inc GST) and save $405

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