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Frances Pratt Sales CoachPeople hate selling because they don't understand how to do it.  They do a bad job and then think that is what sales is ...  Well I am here to teach you otherwise. 

I love helping people learn to love sales...

But better that that ... my greatest joy is seeing the light in my clients eyes ... when they get it ... when they see that they can do it and have the business that they want and that they deserve.  It's just so liberating.

KISS To Sell is all about making sales skills and knowledge accessible to you.  When you have these ... it is truly ... simple!

What I know from working with hundreds of people on this is that the BIGGEST factor in helping them be successful is their Sales Mindset.  So I'd love to help you with this foundational area to get you moving and selling in a new more authentic way.

Here's your free Discovery and Coaching offer:

  • * An introductory email and questions to get you primed and thinking
  • * A questionnaire that will give you insights and show me EXACTLY how to help you
  • * A one-on-one 30 minute zoom session to focus on you, your business & your sales mindset
  • * Your current sales mindset discussed and an action plan created


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I would love to help you amp up your sales mindset and get you improved sales!

For the love of selling,