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If you think you are no good at selling ~ then this is the page for you.
Quotes and ideas on Sales Mindset, Activity and Results aimed squarely at real people!
Ever wondered if you could hear some of my inner thoughts on how people get better at selling ???

You’re in luck.

Hear my top sales tips ... especiallly for women who cringe at the idea of picking up the phone and talking about their business.

It was a real pleasure talking to Sarah Cross from Products to Profit.
Talking about pricing is one of the most common questions that I get and often where people trip up in their sales conversations. Follow these eight steps and I promise that both you and your client will feel better about pricing conversations – oh and you will probably make more sales too!
There is a simple truth. People do selling the wrong way.
That is why we distrust, why we squirm and why businesses, non-sales people and sales people fail.

The truth is simple to understand.
The truth is difficult to execute on a continuous basis.

This is the truth:

Selling isn’t something that you do to others, it is something that you do with others.
Selling isn’t pushy and about convincing others to buy from you.
Selling isn’t about talking first and getting your message across

Selling is ...
As we start a new decade, I was inspired to look backwards to the 1920’s and to use this to really think about our opportunities for this decade.

A hundred years ago the roaring 20’s was a time of economic prosperity, they were known as the crazy years of post war boom. It was also a time of artistic prosperity for culture and expression, with jazz and art deco. For women there was a real emancipation with the right to vote and women took liberties in what their personal choices from clothes to hair to more personal choices. This was the birthplace of mass cultural icons like the Model T Ford, movie icons and other things that were driven by the masses and by marketing. It was the genesis of modernity and a breaking from the traditions of the last century.

So as we roar into the new 20’s I wanted to stop and think about what we can learn and how we can set an intention for our new decade.
Starting the year is a great time to get intentional with your numbers.
You know the clients you want to attract and work with - but how many do you need?

Sales is about people and Sales is a numbers game.
In order to win at the numbers game you have to know the numbers you need to put in to get out the results you want.

Use this great spreadsheet to help you work out the numbers based on the results that you are aiming at in 2020.
Sales is a numbers game. In order to win at the numbers game you have to know the numbers you need to put in to get out the results you want. Simple – right? Well yes ~ but so many people fail to do this … you know the saying about common sense not being so common!
Read on to learn what you need to do to get the sales numbers you want!
The key word is authentic selling.
The first golden rule of authentic selling, Be Yourself!
I don't care whether you're introverted or extroverted or whatever you are, just be yourself! If you're analytical, be analytical. If you love stories, tell stories. Whatever you are, just be you.

My second golden rule of authentic selling is to Get Over Yourself.
So yes, you have to be yourself. But… you've still got to get out there, and you've got to take charge of your business and take charge of the sale. You are the expert in your business and others are wanting and waiting for you to lead. All you have to do is give yourself the permission to lead.
In this interview we cover:

My two rules for everyone in sales
How sales is the lifeblood of your business
How to start by selling to existing customers
Introducing the conversation age
Breaking down know, like trust and how to DO this
Advice for startups
The truth is that people will buy from you when you can show them the value that they will get from using your product, service and experience.

So me question to you is .... how deeply do you understand and how well can you demonstrate to your prospective customers the value you deliver?
People often confuse price and value. A quote often attributed to Warren Buffet is “Price is what you pay, value is what you get!”

Let's explore that.
Honing your sales stories is a great way to get people's attention on you and your offering. You have to prove to them that you are worth listening to.

The biggest mistake that I see people make is focusing too much on their products
and on their business. Everyone listens to WIIFM (What's In It For Me). This article shows you how to get more client-centred in how you talk about yourself and what you do.
Most people in business are aware of the 4 P’s of marketing:
• Product
• Price
• Place
• Promotion
Whether you are selling a Service or a Product you can extend this mix by also adding in the extra 3 P’s of Services Marketing. These help you add proof to what you are saying and promoting to people and are invaluable sales tools.
How to follow up must be easily one of the most frequent questions I get. I wanted to explain why you hate it so much and what to do about it.

Why you hate following up:
I'm going to be a little brutal here... It is your fault that you are in this situation of not wanting to pick up the phone. You hate following up because you havent organised the next contact with your potential client.

So ... when you go to call ... you feel like you are intruding, you worry that they won't want to hear from you or they will think you are a pest.
There is a very good reason that we tell our children stories. If you review childhood stories they are used to educate our children on things they should and shouldn’t do. They are memorable because they put us at the centre of the story and take us on a journey of what might happen if we choose a particular path or option.
Storytelling is also a great way to promote your business. Here’s why.
Discovery Calls ... Here you are ... you have a lead, someone to talk to ... someone to potentially work with ... someone to see if you can help and see if they will buy from you. Great!

Now ... where to start. How do you structure a discovery call with your potential client so that you really understand what they want and get all the information you need to wow them and win them.

Learn how to successfully structure your calls to get everything you need to win your client.
Successful people ask better sales questions, and as a result, they get better answers. Tony Robbins sums this up so well!
So HOW do you ask better questions and what questions should you ask in a sales conversation.
Learn more about asking better sales questions!
This might sound controversial - but objections are your friends! Why? Because they tell you that the person is actively thinking about buying from you.
Find out how to rethink this, the common objections and what to do with them.
Listen to my podcast with Petra Jones from The Mumpreneur Show where I talk about the art of authentic selling and much more.
“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness”
Charlie Chaplin
Is it too harsh to say that what is stifling you and your business right now is that you think too much?
Well the reality is that how you feel about what you are doing and what you are choosing dictates what you do and how you choose to do it and so how people perceive and react and even how you interpret their responses.
Let’s break down how this works (or doesn’t work) and then look at how to do it differently.
VIDEO: The truth is that sales results come from consistent and dedicated activity ... this makes perfect sense and we know this ... but we act differently.
We feel lost and we choose not to lean in, we won't really try until we see some results.
Watch this video to find out more.
People buy from people they know like and trust.

This is one of the those sayings that everyone knows and says … and we all agree it's true ... but do you know how to apply it your business? Just saying it isn't enough. In order to use this valuable tool, we have to do it!
I have been thinking a lot about this lately and have come up with some great ways to help you rethink and apply this in your business. Let’s get into action!
A quick video to launch my new pricing for KISS To Sell 8 Week Online Sales Training to Grow Your Sales Confidence
I feel like I have to apologise for being absent from your inbox for so long. But there is a good reason and I want to share that with you. I have been rethinking how I deliver KISS To Sell to you.
As you all know I LOVE SALES and the reason KISS To Sell started was to uncover for people the hidden rules of sales so they can apply them and use them to confidently talk about and build their business in a way that makes them feel proud and comfortable.
That isn’t changing. But I had have had to re-think my business and realign it with what people REALLY wanted!
I have been speaking with lots of people recently who are smack bang in my target market … that is ... people who don’t like sales and want to be better at it.
Something struck me ... there was one MASSIVE central theme that stood out for me from these conversations.
Here it is >>> Most people think and act like they are rotten at sales … and you know what – they are right! Because what you think ... you do ... and you see.
Here's how to change it !
Business is about growth and change. You are the engine in your business and you get to decide in which direction you grow, right? Well actually now … you aren’t the engine … you are the captain, but the engine room of your business are your clients.
Clients decide the rate at which your business grows, or slows.
Today I wanted to share with you a recent experience that I have had in navigating the client engine and allowing them to dictate the direction of my business.
“You had the power all along my dear.” Glinda the Good Witch of the North, The Wizard of Oz
Glinda the good witch of the North is my favourite character in the Wizard of Oz. She knows so much and yet she allows Dorothy her journey so she can discover it for and of herself.
Selling is very much the same. It is not our job to tell others what to do, merely to suggest solutions to their problem.
Learn how you can get your Good Witch of Sales working for you.
To have sales confidence there aren't tricks to learn , other than to be yourself.
The truth is you need to learn how to be comfortable and confident being you in your sales role and then … being you talking about your business and being you asking people to buy from you. Once you find a way to walk and talk your way through business … then the right people will be attracted to and say yes to you.
“You have plenty of courage, I am sure," answered Oz. "All you need is confidence in yourself. There is no living thing that is not afraid when it faces danger. The true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and that kind of courage you have in plenty.”
? L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
To be fearful is to be human. It is how we choose to describe and react to that feeling in your gut that makes the difference in how we perceive and react to a situation.
You already have the confidence ... let me help you find it.
Selling is a most human activity. We all sell every day, we just don’t call it sales. Today if you have negotiated with a 4 year old on what to wear or convinced someone to go the restaurant you want or get takeaway instead of cooking – you have been a sales person. Congratulations!
Learn more about how to sell using your heart, just like the tin man.
“Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking... don't they?” Scarecrow Wizard of Oz.
I have sold lots of things to many different people. There is a common theme, your client doesn’t understand what you sell. More than that, they are very often scared of what they don’t know and certainly worried that others might know that they don’t know.
All sounds a little complicated … that’s because none of it is logical, it is based on emotions. Mostly fear.
If you can successfully hold your client's hand, get them to be honest about their fears then you have a fighting chance of helping them to address these and buy from you. Let’s unpack how this works.
There is nothing more sacred than when someone trusts you and they agree to walk with you through finding a solution to their problem. That’s what selling is all about, allowing the person to walk their journey.
So if we are going to walk with them, then it is worth taking time to understand where they are and how to help them.
Sales is a very misunderstood art form. My mission in life is to help people understand that there should be nothing dirty or awkward about the art of sales. It is a sacred transaction that has been happening since time immemorial.
There is nothing more sacred than when someone trusts you and they agree to walk with you through finding a solution to their problem. That’s what selling is all about, allowing the person to walk their journey.
We’ve all had things go wrong. It is how we choose to deal with it when it does that is the important part. But how do you do that? The first advice I have is wherever possible do this face to face. It is important from a relationship perspective that you take the time, but more importantly people are less angry and irrational when you meet them face to face. It also gives you a chance to read body language and understand more than just what their words are saying.
The best way to do this is to tell a story, tell them what happened from your perspective. Too often we wrongly assume that the other party is aware of details or facts. This is often the cause of the issue in the first place.
February is the month for love. So I am using that theme to show how you can improve the sales in your business by loving people more.
Learn why showing your clients some love will improve your business.
Learn how to show them love and lastly how to build an ongoing love affair with your clients.
VIDEO: How you approach your sales call changes EVERYTHING. Stop thinking of the obligation and start exploring opportunities. Here's why and how xxx
VIDEO: Project MARS covers the three essentials for sales success. In each part, I help you understand it, think about new ideas and then apply that to your business. This includes a 1:1 coaching session with me to answer any questions and make sure you get the MOSTEST out of your trip to MARS.
Project MARS covers the three essentials for sales success. In each part, I help you understand it, think about new ideas and then apply that to your business. This includes a 1:1 coaching session with me to answer any questions and make sure you get the MOSTEST out of your trip to MARS.
How you feel about sales drives your behaviour. If you are going to be a confident sales person - then you need to explore and change some of the beliefs and assumptions you have about sales and selling. Learn why and how here.
Get some great sales tips on how to talk about your business so people will want to listen!
This is a story of a Sales Loser and a Sales Champion and how they approach their world and sales. Enjoy :)
We are all three years old at heart - and all want to learn how to convince others to do get what we want.
You don't want to miss out on reading this amazingly simple and powerful piece from
The new ABC of sales Is all about creating value ... listen up to learn more ... and get out there and create fabulous shining value for all !!!!
When you focus on value ... that's what everyone will get :)
If you are wondering what will work best in your business.... don't ask me (or your mother) go out and connect with your clients and understand what they really want to buy from you and how you can help them do that.
Everybody listens … right?
Everybody can hear but not everybody listens.
Here's your guide to how to get your listening skills working for you.
Listen in and learn ....
Do you struggle to improve your sales? Guess what ! The answers are literally right under your nose.
You are in business and so by definition you have had sales success. Don’t go looking to some sales guru (except me of course) for the answer. The answer lies within you and your business. Here are some simple (but powerful) questions to gain insight into how you can improve your sales.
Learn how and WHY here ...
Tell me if you have been here .... you are talking and you are sure the other person just isn’t interested in a word you are saying? Chances are you are right! They aren’t. I am sorry if that sounds a little harsh … but that’s the world of Sales.
People don’t listen to you for the simple reason that you aren’t talking about anything that interests them.
OK... now what you can do about it.
Here are two great and simple tips to get YOU to be a Sales Champion.
It's not about being an extrovert or a free set of steak knives. Just be you ... listen to this video to learn more.
We know greens are good for us ... but we don't get around to doing it. We know that we will feel and be better if we do it.
Sales is no different, and the greens in sales is new clients coming into your business.
It's vital for a healthy business!
Would you love it if you could run and grow your business based on referrals? Me too.
Sales to people who are referred to you are cheaper, easier and faster than from other sources. Cheaper because they require no advertising; easier and faster as they start with some trust in you and your company.
Learn more on why this is and more importantly how to get more referrals into your business today!
Want to get hit & exceed your numbers?
Follow these Keep It Simple Skills for doing just that.
Many people think that networking is a waste of time and you know what, they are right! The problem is that people ‘do’ networking the wrong way.

Kerryn Powell of Your Time Matters is The Networking Whisperer. She explains that the main reasons that people approach networking by focusing on themselves is that they lack confidence! She has worked out how to help you overcome this lack of confidence by following this successful 3-step networking process:
People hate to sell because they think it is about manipulating people into buying something from you … something that they don’t need / can’t afford and don’t want. We conjure up a picture of the dodgiest, slimiest sales person in the world … and we would do anything for people NOT to think of us in that way. We are so scared that they will think we are being pushy and manipulative that we forget that we actually might be able to help them.
A pitch is simply how you tell people what you do.
The purpose of a pitch is about getting people to listen and engage with your idea.
This needs to be worked on and refined as you engage with your customers.
Learn how to do just that with this sales article.
Sales is a numbers game. In order to win at the numbers game you have to know the numbers you need to put in to get out the results you want. Simple – right? Well yes ~ but so many people fail to do this … you know the saying about common sense not being so common!
Read on to learn what you need to do to get the sales numbers you want!
Whether you think you buy emotionally or not … you do! And so does everybody else.
Everyone buys emotionally and then wraps it neatly in logic.
Learn more about this and how it can help you to get people to buy from you.
What if I told you there was a secret ingredient that would make it more comfortable for you to talk about your business AND get greater results? Read on … because the truth is out there (oops I mean in here).

The lean-in factor is that ‘thing’ that makes people lean in and want to know more.
Ahoy there me matey ... batten down the hatches, it is International Speak Like A Pirate Day ... and here arrrr some sales tips for ya! To help you find your own pieces of eight.
You write proposals to win clients and so it should be tailored to persuade your potential client that you are the best company to help them solve their problem. Keep this top of mind as you read on … Learn how to write winning sales proposals.
Great businesses, just like great relationships, are built on flexibility around a core idea or value. As the owner or founder of your business – this strength of purpose comes from you!

Learn how to use this to build sales success.
Before you do anything … before you pick up the phone, write an email, pat the dog good morning … you need to think about where your head is at right now.

Why I hear you ask! Well the answer is simple, it will have an impact on how you approach your tasks and people. The people that you talk to, write to and even the dog will get a sense of your intent from the words, tone and things that you choose.
With sales – as with everything in life, you perform better when you have a plan. As the late great Stephen Covey said ‘Start with the end in mind’ or my version … ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.’
What to do to make using the phone in sales easier.

The phone doesn't have to be a scary beast! Here are three simple things that you can do to improve your phone sales techniques.
There are only three things you need to do for sales success. Sounds too simple? Well it is simple and common sense.
Here is your TOP SECRET The 3-step Sales Success Plan.
A common mistake that people make is to give clients too many choices or options.

Clients really want to know the simplest way to solve their problem or meet their need.
Some clients are just plain toxic!
You know who they are and you can see the effect that they have on the people in your business … and yet … we still work with them. Why?
Here are some business tips on how to think about and to sack a client!
A nice person’s sales guide to connecting with people ... how to follow up on a sales opportunity.

Last week we looked at how to organise a follow up while in a meeting or on the phone.
Following up is probably the thing that most people (sales people and non-sales people) struggle with … and don’t do. It goes in the too hard basket and the result is you leave clients not helped and money on the table!

This post covers why and how you should follow up.
If you want to kill trust with a client - focus on you!

Client goggles help you focus on your clients and helps you to avoid focusing on yourself!

Here are some sales tips on the things that destroy trust - and how to avoid and navigate them.
The Sales Roadmap is a simple and effective sales tool that helps keep you in control of the sales process with new clients. Its job is to help your client understand what a typical engagement is like with your company.
Intimacy is the most important element on the top of the Trust Equation.
Intimacy is when your client is happy to talk to you about sensitive issues or personal ideas. This can be the problem or an emotional connection that they have with the problem they are trying to solve.
Reliability shouldn’t be delivered by chance in your business. This article looks at how you can understand how people perceive your reliability and what you can do about it.
In sales – trust is everything. If they don’t trust you, your product and your company, they simply won’t buy from you.

The good news is that trust has an equation so you can better understand how to build it in your business. Here is my sales take on the trust equation, what each component is and how you can use these assets to build trust.
Let’s face it, sales is about confidence! If you have to be the sales person for your business then you have to build your confidence, in yourself and your business. Once you have done that, you can show confidence in your business, what you do and how you do it, that’s sales.
People often ask me what to do about mistakes that they make in their business. My answer is always the same, use this to tell positive stories about your business.
That might sound counter-intuitive … but it isn’t … let me tell you how this sales technique works.
A tyre-kicker is someone who asks you for information but has no intention of buying. Their intention is to get information from you -- so unfortunately the more you give them, the more they will hang around. It’s kind of the same as seagulls when you have hot chips.
Sales is gambling.

Learn the rules of the game and how to win with help from Kenny Rogers.
For non-sales people learning how to sell, they often get stuck with how to get to know their client better and understand what really drives them. Here is how a Disney Sales Process would help with that.
The world of transactional selling is closing as companies and people continue their search for relationships. “Good selling is about transcending the customer-facing role and becoming an internal change agent as well.”
I know plenty of people (including myself) who get a little nervous before an important meeting with potential new clients. For people who hate selling or non-sales people, it can be daunting!
A sales person’s primary job is to give the prospect the right type and amount of information to get them to say yes to move forward with the proposal. Does it have to be correct yes! Does it have to be precise? No!
Stop it! Your job is to help people buy … so blaming the buyer for not buying from you isn’t addressing your problem, it’s part of the problem. Here’s 4 things to help you fix the problem.
I am in love with Warren Buffet … shhhh don’t tell him, or my husband! But it’s true. He is a genius! And the thing I love the best (like all geniuses) it isn’t those light bulb moments that make the difference, although they are great; it’s the choices that we make every day that really matter.
Here are 4 common sales traps, why they happen and how to avoid them !
Storytelling is a great way to promote your business. They are an especially important sales skill for people who hate selling because they are much easier to use.
So you want your clients to love you ... here are some great tips on how to do that.
Want to learn to sell in a way that your clients want? Here are a few sales tips that are right down your alley.

The highlight for me at the recent Problogger event was hearing from Chris Guillebeau. He probably doesn’t see himself as a sales mentor. Many of his wise words were so applicable to how to sell that I thought I would convert them to sales tips for my blog.
You hate selling and the very idea of using the word sales and telling people that’s what you are doing in your business … well sales isn’t a word that you use – right? You might use other words like ‘meeting new clients’, ‘telling them about what we do’, ‘business development’ … and there are many more.
We all buy with emotions first - here is how you can uncover and overcome fears with your customers.
Lots of sales helpers tell you about this and why it is so important and I will cover that too. But first we have to start with why business owners often approach sales with a bad attitude.
Deming is the father of what we now know as Continuous Improvement. He was a US professor who went and worked in Japan to help them improve design, product quality … yes and sales !
Ok now I have your attention … what do I mean it’s like dating?
If you want to ask someone out on a date, what’s the first things you would do? Let’s explore that.
Recently I had the great fortune to see Ita Buttrose speak at a Business Chicks event (thanks to Women in Focus). I felt so inspired by her … and she left us all (there were 895 women in the room + 5 men) with some great tips on life and business. So I thought that I would share some of these with you and how they I would relate them to your sales journey.
When people ask me how to sell in various scenarios, I often come back to this is a simple sales structure. It’s a sales technique that I use for sales meetings, phone calls and everyday life.
I hear business owners and others talking about how they deal with tricky customers or bring in potential new customers. One of my first questions, on both of these fronts is ..... 'How many times have you spoken to them?'
They are GOLD because you have a higher chance of closing sales with them, and this means you have to do less sales calls in order to reach your targets.
Here are some articles of mine that have been published on other websites ...
Enjoy !
Here are some twitter chats on sales tips for non-sales people.
Hope you enjoy.
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