What's inside the KISS To Sell Modules?

  • Dear Frustrated Female Business Owner,

    Does the word SELLING conjure up slick used-car-salesmen, guilt ridden party plan events or cringe worthy pushy call centres?

    Or maybe the phrase “close that sale” make you sweat?

    You see so many sales trainers out there teaching their hustle to $100K plan”, and “objection crushers workshop” or the worst one yet “closing on the first cold call”.

    If you get all sweaty and mumbling like a teenager in the principal’s office when people ask, “how much do you charge?”  then you are in the right place.

    You are certainly not alone.

    So many women tell me they hate selling because they don't understand how to do it. 

    They do a bad job and then think that is what sales is.

    Well I am here to show you another way.

    Because it’s time to change the way you approach selling.

    Selling isn’t a performance and it isn’t manipulation. 

    Selling is simply a matter of helping people buy. 

    Yes please ! Get started now!

  • Module 1: The Trinity of Triumph

    Sales for non sales people

    You + Them = Success

    Firstly, we need to know which way you want to go so that we will be able to get your there. In this first module we begin digging into the 3 most important element you need for your sales success:

    • Money and Metrics. Let me show you the key numbers you need to know in your business to grow. Profit is important but it isn’t the only key to your success!
    • Lead Generation. Let’s take a look at your potential clients or leads, who they are, how to find them and which ones to focus your time on right now so you can get the money in fast.
    • Selling. I am going to walk you through the easily step up you need to take to become the true sales champion in the business. You will discover that by moulding a process to suit you and your business you can start to build your confidence and that begins you on the path to successful selling.

  • Module 2: Think, Be, Do

    Sales for non sales people

    Selling is about YOU

    If you are unprepared and undervalue yourself and your clients, you simply cannot sell to anyone. You and your actions are the biggest influence on the results you achieve. That is why inside this module, we will work on the number 1 rule of really effective selling: being yourself. Let’s work together to:

    • Reframing Your Selling Mindset. Why not making an offer to help is selfish when you know you could help. This one psychological shift is a big one.
    • Discover And Decide Your Differentiator. The reason that clients should choose you. It’s not the time to be immodest (I know it’s hard). This is a game changer and I will help you uncover this little piece of gold. Often for so many of my clients, this is what they need to really kick off their selling success.
    • The Power Of Likeability. How to embed it into your client interactions. The sales starts from the first interaction your potential client has with you, not just when you are ready to ask for the money, so lets set you up for yes from the very start.

  • Julie - Bookkeeper

  • Module 3: Selling from 'The First Date'

    Sales for non sales people

    Selling is a lot like dating, you need to know who your type is, how you fit into their world, and how you can be a long-term partner for them.

    But like dating, you need to make sure that you picky from the get-go.

    Because here is your reframe.

    You are the prize.

    So just like a good friend, I can’t send you out there alone until we know who is right for you. So in this module we get busy:

    • Designing Your Ideal Client. Forget the rest. No one else matters and should be ignored. Once you know exactly who you want, what they need, where to find them and how to attract them, getting to the sale is easy.
    • Creating The Steps You Need To Take To Get Them To Tune Into You. Once you are able to do this you will make them feel that only you understand them, that only you know their true pain and only you could possibly have the complete solution they need.
    • Packaging Yourself. With my help you can package yourself up as “the ultimate solution” for your ideal client’s problems. I will show you how to create your personal brand tagline that simply and easily tells potential clients, why they should buy from you...

  • Module 4: Being Pitch Perfect

    Sales for non sales people

    People buy confidence, the confidence you can do the job for them.

    If you can’t tell people what is in it for them, how it works and how much it costs without stumbling, muttering and apologising your way through your pitch the sale is lost before you have even begun.

    When you’re prepared and you’ve done your homework, you’ll be confident and relaxed and that is one of the secrets of successful sales. So before you start talking to clients you must do your homework. We will work on your specific plan that:

    • Outlines Your Clients’ Buying Cycles. Knowing this will enable you to make sure that you are in front of them at the right times with the right information.
    • Follows Your Unique Selling Roadmap. Take the headaches and fear out of selling by using a roadmap that will lead your client towards the sales, whilst allowing you to know they have all the information they need, their objects have been covered and they are ready and willing for you to simply extend the offer to them.
    • Creates Perfect Pitches.  Let’s get your different types of introductions pitch perfect, leaving them desperate to work with you. I have to admit, this is my favourite thing to do. Firstly, you can’t bore someone into buying from you, and secondly a confused mind never buys. Investing the time to get your pitch right is the best investment that you can get for your business. Once you get this right, so many other pieces of the selling puzzle will fail into place for you.

  • Leah - Healer

    Leah Foley

  • Module 5: Conversation And Contacts That Count

    Sales for non sales people

    So you know who your ideal person is. You know what they need. You know how to pitch it to them perfectly. NOW IS THE TIME to communicate that all to them. All the steps from having a reason to get in touch in the first place, making a memorable first impression, to flawless follow up emails, this module is about creating confident scripts and strategies that are essential to your sales success. So in this module we will focus on:

    • Setting Up A 10-Minute Research Plan. This helps set you up to close 80% of your sales. PLUS, the four places that you need to look your clients up so that you can talk to them prepared and ready to go.
    • Build Out Word-For-Word Scripts. Want to be confident to dial the number? I will give you my proven, field tested, ‘yes getting’ templates. You simply drop in your unique offers, your industries and details about how you can help them and you are done. Easy!
    • The Client Getting Letters. These little beauties are what my clients use to get clients ready to pick up the phone to them. Again, take my templates, make the adjustments, check your work and get it out there!
    • Scared Of Getting The Voice Mail? Your personalised 8-step plan to leaving a voice message that engages ideal clients. Remember, you have one chance to leave a voicemail … make it good.

  • Module 6: Meetings with Meaning

    Sales for non sales people

    We’ve all had that first sales meeting that felt a huge waste of time. This module is about setting the first  meeting up to add value. Because now that you’re face to face with your prospective client it’s time to dig even deeper and really get to know them. But that doesn’t mean that they are in charge and are running the agenda. This module takes you through the most important elements of a successful sales meeting such as:

    • Using Stories To Connect And Build Rapport. From client success stories that demonstrate your expertise, to objection overcoming stories that address the concerns they have in their head before they can tell you them. When you use stories in your selling it allows you to get clients to engage, build a feeling of confidence and you are able to talk about yourself without seeming like one of those pushy, icky, super-slick salespeople.
    • The Outline For Meetings With Meaning. The step-by-step structure you need to follow so that you retain control of the meeting. From first eye contact through to explaining the next steps, having your outline done allows you to know you will cover everything that you need to, no matter how long you have.
    • The secret sales questions that gets clients to open up and share their exact needs with you. I will even give you my very best, deep dive questions that are designed to persuade the client to tell you what you need to know to establish if you are a good fit for them and they are a good fit for you.

  • Veronica - Professional Organiser

  • Module 7: Flawless Follow Up

    Sales for non sales people

    Phew, you’ve done the hard yards, now it is time to ensure that you follow up flawlessly and make the choice of working with you an easy yes!

    Together in this module we are going to:

    • Implement A Follow Up Plan. Make this easy to do from your very first meeting. With a focus on positive action, your follow up is where the money is made.
    • Create Your Perfect Sales Proposal. No matter your business there are things you have to cover for every ideal client. After all, we are all human and the woman buying for her large corporate organisation with a million-dollar budget has the same buying psychology as a solo business owner investing in her first website. Let me walk you through the little nuances you need to know and show in your perfect sales proposal.
    • Maximising Your Success. The how’s, what’s, where’s and why’s of presenting your sales proposal for maximum chance of success. 70% of people send a piece of paper and hope for the best. People like you and I know hope isn’t a strategy, so let me show you what you need to do to ensure your proposal, you and your offer go straight to the top (even if you are the most expensive option).


  • Lorraine - Naturopath

  • Module 8: Pulling It Together

    Sales for non sales people

    The final step in your sales success journey. Together we are going to tie this up with a big profitable bow, so you can confidently sell yourself and your services. You will discover:

    • How To Avoid Awkward Price Haggling. This is not a Bali street market. Discover how to stand firm, be polite and nail negotiations without the fear of pricing yourself out of the market
    • Uncovering And Interpret Buying Signals. I will show you what to look for from your potential client. When ‘no’ means ‘maybe’ and what to do if now truly isn’t the right time so you are leaving the door open for positive future contact.
    • Soul-Keeping Selling. The critical elements of closing the sale that leaves both you and your new client feeling confident and excited about working together.

    What you need to do to turn this one new client into many new clients for years to come! Setting this up from the very start keeps your calendar booked solid for months to come and if done right can ensure you never have to hunt new clients ever again. Break out the champagne, this is worth the good stuff (and using it you will be able to avoid the top shelf too)