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Keep It Simple Sales Skills for non-sales people


Welcome to your first step in learning how to sell.

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Sales are the lifeblood of your business. You may get 100’s, if not 1000’s of new enquiries every year… BUT converting those leads to new business, consistently takes specialised sales skills

I work with business owners who spend time and money preparing great marketing campaigns but forget to learn how to put their best foot forward at the crucial selling stage. KISS to Sell can help you turn around those missed opportunities and get new paying clients!

If you are the owner or founder of your business then you are the best person to sell your business, but you don't necessarily think of yourself as a sales person or that you have the necessary skills. But you know it’s so important to get it ‘right’ first time, as it can make or break a deal. KISS To Sell is selling for non-sales people.  The program is written for people just like you.

This is where my expertise kicks in…

I have spent over 18 years testing what works and what doesn’t with 100’s of clients and businesses.

I’ve made businesses prosper by giving them the insider strategies that nobody else will share with them. I’ve personally helped them attract and successfully ‘win’ more sales whilst still maintaining a very high level of integrity.

"Fran, it's people like you who help teach me the rules to make accessible this new world.  You make explicit these 'implicit rules' that nobody teaches us."

Erin O'Brien - Activate28 - Founder

The selling techniques that you will learn in this program have delivered astronomical growth year on year for my clients. I’m so confident, I’m happy to give you access to the first video and workbook for FREE.

"It was perfect for me to understand. Everything you covered including getting referrals was just what I needed to hear. I like your motto of "You got to give to get!"

S Aiono - 4DGraphics – Owner

PLUS: In the first video you will also discover 3 great ideas that will help you win more business from day 1! I personally demonstrate how to make your prospects chose you over your competition.

These sessions are designed as if I’m sitting there with you every step of the way. I’ll be showing you some of the gems I know, tested over 100’s of businesses.

"Thanks Fran - Now it’s clear to me when a sale works; how it works; reasons why it works; and the techniques I can use to repeat and be successful!"

Jacinta Ambry – Handle PR –Consultant


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Happy Selling !

Fran !

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