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The 8-week Group Coaching Program

First Group for 2020! 

Last group before the price rise!

Is this you?

You love what you do … but you hate those awkward sales conversations. When you think about selling … you go cold! You don’t know what to say or what to ask for … and end up saying nothing and feeling frustrated!
Are you guilty of putting off making phone calls with your clients, even when you know you have something amazing to offer that can really help them?  

Let’s flip your thinking!  

Imagine what it would feel like having your own personal sales style and system, feeling completely confident and comfortable to talk about your business, share your products or services without fear or self-doubt.
Imagine that you have the right words, the right things to say and do and it makes connecting and converting new clients so much easier … even fun!  

What I know is ...

I know selling does not come naturally to most, I’ve seen it time and again in my 20 plus years in sales and coaching women in business. I also know it’s an area of business that demands confidence, compassion and, to be honest, a road map to success.

Let me help you find and use that road map.  

It is my mission to teach the world to sell, in perfect harmony.  

Work with me and …  

You will have confidence in yourself.  

  1. To engage with people and share about you in a way that makes them want to know more. To stand up tall and shout from the mountain tops that what you are sharing with the world is worth listening to.  
  2. You will have the confidence to sell from your heart not your head. You will know how to take your best prospects on a tailored buying journey, knowing each step to take that is in alignment with you and your values.  

MEPowered Selling

First Group for 2020

Start 2020 knowing what to say and how to ask them to buy from you.
Why you should sign up now ...

  • I only take 8 women per group
  • I will help you and set your business free of your fear of sales
  • This is the last group I am running before a price rise

EARLYBIRD: Sign up by January 19th

Sign up by MIDNIGHT on SUnday 19th January and choose THREE (3) of these Masterclasses to get (my) lifetime access to. 

Masterclasses are 1 hour long and include comprehensive workbook.

Choose THREE (3) from:

  • Confident Cold Calling
  • Set your Sales Intentions
  • Building a Referral Business
  • Sales Storytelling
  • Helping People Buy
  • Following up with Ease

9 things you'll get with MEPowered Selling:

  1. CLIENTS:  Clarity on your ideal client and a story (with words and metaphors) that introduces what you do and how people buy from you.
  2. ROADMAP:  A one page Client Roadmap that shows your client journey a great tool for you to keep you on track and for your client to clearly understand what you do and how they can work with you.
  3. MEETING CHEAT SHEET: first meeting and sales conversation framework so you know how to run and get the most out of your first contact with your new client.
  4. GREAT QUESTIONS: A personalised list of ALL the questions you need to ask and how to do this in a way that makes you confident and comfortable
  5. PRICING:  Guidance on how to approach your pricing and ask for what you are worth
  6. PROPOSAL: A personalised winning proposal that lets you translate this meeting into a document, email that clearly shows how you can work together.
  7. FOLLOWUP WITH EASE: A complete follow up sequence so you know exactly when to call and what to say
  8. ANSWERING OBJECTIONS: Know how to love and answer the key objections that come from your clients
  9. SALES STORIES: The 3 key stories that will help you attract, engage and convert clients


What is MEPowered Selling?

The Me is ...

  • YOU overcoming your fear of sales
  • YOU creating engaging conversations
  • YOU are the key to unlocking your success

The Powered is ...

  • Changing how you think and feel about sales
  • Knowing your story and the right words to say
  • Attracting and engaging with client you love

The Selling is ...

  • Knowing your client's journey and how to help them
  • Having what to say and do at each step of their journey
  • Asksing and receiving new clients with a new felt ease and love

Welcome to Eight Weeks of MEPowered Selling

Things to learn:
Each week direct to your inbox you will receive:

1) A Video covering the topic - approximately 15 -20 minutes
2) A Comprehensive Workbook with exercises & examples for your to work through 

PLUS Unlimited email support and access to a Private Facebook Group.  

Join the 2 hour weekly coaching call:
Each week we meet online via Zoom. This allows you to focus, to go deeper into the learning modules and importantly how you apply them to your business. 

This is where we craft your very own unique sales style and system. 

These sessions run for two hours and are recorded for future access and review during and beyond the 8 weeks.

An Active Private Facebook Accountability Group:
This closed private Facebook group is a great place to connect with me and your cohort.
It delivers a place for testing new ideas, support and motivation.  

I will be visiting the group regularly to share ideas and answer any questions.
And .... to keep you accountable!

PLUS you’ll get all my bonus GOODIES, 4 EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS materials to help you fine tune your sales skills and confidence!

Let's get started journeying to your sales confidence & success!!

The Details:

Start: Week starting 3rd February, 2020 (8 weeks)
          Weekly emails with Video Content and Comprehensive workbook
Group Calls: Thursday's weekly from 10am-12noon
Unlimited:  Facebook group and email contact
Early Bird:  Buy before 19th Janaury (midnight) and receive THREE (3) bonus Masterclasses for FREE
100% money back guarantee:  If you work with me and apply these learnings I guarantee that you will earn back the cost of this course.  If not - I am happy to give you your money back.

Or 3 monthly payments of $479

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