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Bundle 1: Sales Preparation

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!! This bundle includes Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the KISS to Sell program, which focus on the things you need to do to in preparation for selling to your customers. This is the work that needs to happen before you pick up the phone! You will learn:

Module 1 - The 3 Most Important Elements for your Sales Success: all about sales numbers, referrals and why you have to be Sales Champion.

Module 2 - It’s All About You: why the number one rule of selling is to be yourself.

Module 3 - What Do You Mean to Your Clients?: how to find your ideal client, fit into their view of the world and add unique value.

Module 4 - How To Create A Killer Sales Pitch: Understand client buying cycles, develop a sales roadmap and create a pitch they can’t say no to!

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Bundle 2: Sales Practice

Practice Makes Perfect! This bundle includes Modules 5, 6, 7 and 8 from the KISS to Sell program, which focus on putting all your preparation into practice. They will teach you what to do when you’re actually in front of a customer. You will learn:

Module 5 – First contact. Making Every Second Count: proven techniques for the successful sales call.

Module 6 – How to nail your first client meeting: creating a first impression that blows them away and getting them to tell you what they need.

Module 7 – Following up with prospects: how to follow up, create and present the perfect sales proposal

Module 8 – Putting it all together: nail negotiations, close the sale without selling your soul and build on your success!

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