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Module 1: The 3 Most Important Elements for your Sales Success

This first KISS module will get you started in the KISS to Sell program, showing you how to make yourself relevant to your clients when they have so many choices. You’ll begin to dig into the 3 most important elements for your sales success:

  • Your sales numbers + why you have to know them
  • Simple ways to get more referrals into your business
  • Why you have to be the Sales Champion

You’ll also discover how to start impacting your sales results before you even talk to a single client.

Want to know more? Here's a video on what's in this module:

Module 2: It’s All About You

It’s your actions that will have the biggest influence on the results you achieve and this module introduces the number 1 rule of really effective selling: be yourself. You will learn:

  • Why this simple rule lies at the heart of every successful sales person
  • How to create a mindset of complete success (and nothing less)
  • How to comfortably build rapport, credibility and trust.

Module 3: What Do You Mean to Your Clients?

It’s time to get to know your clients. You might think you know them but this KISS module will show you the truth behind:

  • Your ideal client (and why you should ignore everyone else)
  • Establishing how you fit into their view of the world
  • Adding unique value to create “a complete solution” for your clients.

Module 4: How To Create A Killer Sales Pitch

Before you start talking to clients you must do your homework. When you’re prepared, you’ll be confident and relaxed and that is one of the secrets of successful sales. This KISS module shows you:

  • The secret to understanding your clients’ buying cycles (and why that’s important)
  • How to develop a sales roadmap that will lead you & your client towards new sales
  • How to create a sales pitch they simply can’t say no to.

Module 5: First Contact: Making Every Second Count

Understanding the value you offer is great; but communicating that value is essential to your sales success. This KISS module shows you:

  • What you need to know before you even make contact with a client
  • How to nail the first 10 seconds of your sales call
  • Proven techniques for making your first sales call a complete success

Module 6: How To Nail Your First Client Meeting

Now that you’re face to face with your prospective client it’s time to dig even deeper and really get to know them. This KISS module takes you through the most important elements of a successful sales meeting such as:

  • How to create a first impression that blows them away
  • Structuring your meeting so that you retain control
  • How to get your client to open up and share their needs and challenges.

Module 7: What Happens Now? Following Up With Prospects

Let's use the hard work that you’ve done in your first client meeting to great effect.  This KISS module talks you through:

  • How to follow up your first meeting with positive action
  • Creating the perfect sales proposal
  • Presenting your sales proposal for maximum chance of success

Module 8: Putting It All Together

The last KISS module shows you how to wrap up everything you've learned during the KISS to Sell process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Nail negotiations and avoid awkward haggling
  • Interpret buying signals (and when no means maybe)
  • Implement the critical elements of closing the sale without selling your soul
  • Build on your success and ask for referrals
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