Article: 3 Hot Tips ~ How to Get More Referrals

22nd June 2015 | By Frances Pratt


Would you love it if you could grow your business based on referrals?  Me too!

Sales to people referred to you are cheaper, easier and faster than from other sources.  Cheaper because they require no advertising; easier and faster as they start with some level of trust in you and your company.

Many business owners say this is how they grow their business, but don’t have a crunchy idea on their ideal client or a structured way to deal with referrals.  This article shows you how to do this and why these will boost your referrals.

What are referrals?

Referrals are based on a recommendation that inspires a potential client to talk to you for help with a problem or need.

Referrals are the easiest type of sales.  Here’s why; the potential client already has some trust, transferred from the referee.  Trust is essential in sales, and if you are already part way along the trust pathway, your chance of winning the business AND the speed of the transaction are in your favour. 

You already know that they have a problem you can solve.  This makes you more confident in calling and dealing with them.  Confidence sells because people believe you.

Get more Referrals – Step One – Get crunchy

Get Crunchy!

Your first job is to get crunchy on who the target client is that you want in your business. 

The reason for this is so that when you are asking people to for referrals, they can give you someone that matches your ideal, and more importantly it allows them to clearly understand who it is you are looking for.

Think about your ideal client as a person.  Give them a name.  Describe everything you can about their age, gender, location, likes, dislikes, years in business, problems that they might have, words that they may use to describe these.  In my business, I call him Bob.

Now you are ready to take ‘Bob’ to the streets.

Get more Referrals – Step Two – Shout it Out!

Now you know who ‘Bob’ is, let everyone involved in your business (internal and external) know who Bob is and that you want to find more Bobs.  

Simply, by letting people know who your ideal client is, they are better able to spot a Bob, and more likely to remember and refer Bob to you when they see one.

Start by telling everyone in your business about Bob, even better, they might help you create better Bob, with more substance.  Take Bob to meet your clients, tell them you are interested in growing.  Finally, take it to the street…  think about everywhere in your business you can introduce Bob.

You have your Bob, everyone knows about it … the next step is to make sure you don’t forget Bob as you go about your day.

Get more Referrals – Step Three – Systemise it

Referrals will happen more in your business when you regularly and consistently remind people about Bob and ask people for referrals.  If you are helping people and regularly asking them to help you with a referral, then they will.

In your business, regularly ask everyone involved in your business to find a Bob.  And when they do, make sure you celebrate it and let everyone know.  Some companies financially reward their employees for finding Bobs.  Have somewhere to record this for each employee and department.

Have referrals clearly marked on your new client roadmap.  New clients will know that you will ask for referrals once they are happy clients.   Have a system to remind people about referrals when you do your regular reviews.  Let them know how to refer people to you and what you will do once they have.

IMPORTANTLY:  Make sure you say thank you … and keep people up to date with the referrals that you have received.

Over to me !! My ideal client is someone who needs new clients, but isn’t confident with selling.  If you know someone like this, then please ask them to download my free ebook.

For the love of selling !

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