Article: 3 Key Steps to Ignite Your Business Success

23rd June 2016 | By Frances Pratt

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I love collaborating with other women in business ... there is something deeply rewarding in this and because you have someone else to work with you learn so much faster.  This blog is about sharing our learnings.

I have been working in collaboration with Annemarie Cross called Ignite Your Business

We came up with a cracker of an idea, ran a well attended webinar together and were preparing to run a workshop in Melbourne.  But to be honest we were really struggling to get people to come along.

Here are our lessons on how we listened, learned and ignited our business success.

Ignite Your Business Step One: Get amongst the people

All the great leaders of the world know that getting people involved and engaged is key to their success.   We started our businesses to help people … and then we get stuck in doing other stuff, the mechanics of running a business.  We forget to connect.

Take time to regularly get back to the coal face and keep in touch with the people in your business and through them in touch with your passion and why you started your business in the first place.  Ask them what they like about you and what you do and how you could improve.

Ignite Your Business Step Two:  Listen

We get excited about what we are doing or trying and get involved in the day-to-day doing of our business.  And sometimes in that busy-ness we forget to connect our actions to our strategy and to our passion and to our clients.

Listening starts with yourself.  Be still, look within and remember your why.  You know when you are in flow and on the right path – so honour that by setting up regular times to listen in to yourself and how you are feeling in your business right now. 

Once you are clear on that you can extend that to listen to your supporters, clients, family and others you impact.

Ignite Your Business Step Three:  Honour the process

Business gets done when we do the business.  You deeply know and understand the process of how you and how your business helps people.  What we forget to do over time is to be transparent and open about this process. 

The process is a sacred journey we take with our clients.  When we document the process, then we follow it more religiously and we can use it to explain clearly and easily how people work with us.

When we create rituals and reminders of what's important -
then we will remember to follow our path.


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