6 Rules for Sales Success from Warren Buffet

7th February 2013 | By Frances Pratt

Warren Buffet - Tips for Sales Success

I am in love with Warren Buffet … shhhh don’t tell him, or my husband!  But it’s true.  He is a genius!  And the thing I love the best (like all geniuses) is that it isn’t those light bulb moments that make the difference, although they are great; it’s the choices that we make every day that really matter.

Here is my sales-take on the Oracle from Omaha’s rules for sales success.

  1. Be willing to be different

What is it about you that makes people buy from you? Be who you are and proud of where you have come from. Your journey in getting into business is unique.  This story and what you have learned along the way should be shared with your clients.

If you don’t know the answer about what makes you different – go out and ask some of your clients.

  1. Never suck your thumb

Warren Buffet says that success comes from making good and quick decisions. Help your clients to do that by providing all the right information so that they can make well educated and timely decisions.

  1. Spell out the deal in advance

Be clear about everything that the client wants and how you are going to achieve that in your proposal. Go through all the details with them so that they go into the relationship with you with their eyes wide open. If you have listened, understood and delivered on a problem that your client wants to solve, in a way they want to solve it, getting to yes will be easy!

  1. Be persistent

Don’t lose because you forget or don’t want to follow up with a client. Persistence is brought about by knowing, through your research, the path to success and then persisting along that until you get your new client on board.

  1. Know when to quit

Some clients are bad business. It’s a fact. If you intimately know who your ideal client is, then it is easy to spot the client who isn’t right for you. Have the guts to tell them, whether they are just enquiring or an existing customer.

  1. Know what success means

Success isn't about numbers or money, it’s about relationships. Define your success and then live that every day. Here are some words of wisdom from Warren: “Measure your success in life by how many of the people you want to have love you actually do love you.”

I'd love to know your rules for success!

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