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3rd July 2013 | By Frances Pratt

Sales Roadmap

The Sales Roadmap is a simple and effective sales tool that helps keep you in control of the sales process with new clients.  Its job is to help your client understand what a typical engagement is like with your company.

Why it works for you…

The purpose of the roadmap is to give you a tool to show prospective clients the best process for them to engage with your company and the stages that happen before, during and after the sale. 

It lets you lead the conversation and make explicit what they should expect from you and what you need from them. 

This works because:

  • It gives you an agenda to follow, and adds consistency to your sales process
  • It is transparent for the client
  • It sets up the best way for clients to engage with you


Why it works for your prospective client…


People buy when:

  • They trust you
  • They can see that you can help them fix their problem
  • They understand and are comfortable with how that will happen


When you first talk to a prospective client, they have fear that you aren’t being transparent or honest about what it is you do and how you do it.  I am not saying they are shaking in their boots, but at the beginning of an engagement there are always questions in their mind about if they can trust you, your company, your product or service to deliver. 

When you present the client with an clear roadmap as one of the first things that you do – it allows them to see what you do and how you engage.  This answers many of these questions up front and the transparency and also gives the client permission to ask questions about the process.

What to have in your roadmap…

Your roadmap should cover all the key steps that a typical client takes when engaging with your company.  There are three main phases:

  • Pre-engagement (the sales process through to agreement to engage)
  • Delivery of product / service
  • Post-delivery relationship


As always, when you are creating your roadmap – construct it through your client’s eyes, and then road test it with a real client to ensure you have it right!


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