How to Spot & What to do with Tyre-Kickers!

2nd May 2013 | By Frances Pratt

Tyre-kickers waste time

A tyre-kicker is someone who asks you for information but has no intention of buying.  Their intention is to get information from you   --  so unfortunately the more you give them, the more they will hang around.  It’s kind of the same as seagulls when you have hot chips.

How to spot a tyre-kicker:

  1. They sometimes won’t give you their details or tell you where they are calling from
  2. Ask them questions about their buying process and intentions like …

“So when are you thinking about buying?”

“Who else are you talking to about this?”

  1. Sales Tip:  If you think they are shady on their answers to these questions … you may have a tyre-kicker!
  2. Often tyre-kickers won’t invest time of their own … they are just interested in using your time to get as much information from you as they can.


How to pick-em and ditch-em.

1. Decide what you are prepared to give for free --- and do it freely.

  1. The principle here to not give away everything.  Have a defined piece of work that you are happy to share for free.
  2. In my business I give a 10-20 minute phone consultation.


2. In your consultation get them to give you information on themselves and their business.

3. Know what the opportunity is – this is called qualifying the potential. With questions like:

  1. How much do they need to spend to fix their problem?
  2. Do they have budget set aside for that?
  3. Are you talking to the decision maker?  If not when can you get in front of them?
  4. Think about how much time you are willing to invest on helping a prospect (non-client).


4. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck – then it’s a duck

  1. Trust your gut!  If the person seems like they are not committed then chances are you are right.
  2. Call them on it!  Ask for a commitment of their time or money.
    1. My favourite way to do this is to give them some 'homework'.  Remember that tyre-kickers won't want to DO anything.
    2. So ... ask them to fill in a form or get some information to you.
    3. If they DO then you get more information
    4. If they DON'T - then they were a tyre kicker!


Last note:

Some people are genuinely interested … but just not ready to buy.  Make sure you give these people your free offer, and a way back in once they are ready.  Some ways to do this are:

  • Ask when they will be committing to a solution (next Financial Year).  Then organise a time to get back in touch, and DO IT!
  • Ask them to be added to your newsletter mailing list – so that when they are ready you have been in touch with them and you are top of mind.


Good luck!  Let me know if there is a burning sales question that you have and I will write a post on this. 

Thanks to Megan Burrow (@MeganBarrow) from Joella Marketing for asking for this post.

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