In Sales - Intention is Everything !

19th February 2014 | By Frances Pratt

In Sales Intention is Everything

STOP! Before you do anything … before you pick up the phone, write an email, pat the dog good morning … you need to think about where your head is at right now.

Why I hear you ask!  Well the answer is simple, it will have an impact on how you approach both tasks and people.  The people that you talk to, write to and even the dog will get a sense of your intent from the words, tone and things that you choose to say.

Intent: How to get started:


Sales Tip:  Start the day with the intention that you are going to sail through your sales jobs

  • You are going to engage well with people, understand where they are coming from
  • They will be open to answering your questions
  • You will get the answers that you need. 


Sales Tip:  Be clear in your own mind about what attitude you are adopting for the day. 

Sales TipGive yourself permission to deal with whatever comes your way today with clarity and grace.

Have a plan:

  1. Be clear about what you are trying to do, about what value you offer to your clients and why you started the business in the first place.  You had intent, a reason to start the business – and now is the time to take that through to fruition.


  1. Be honest with yourself and with others about what you can do and how you can help them (or not).  It is only through building trust with your clients and prospective clients that you will win.


  1. Find the win:win in all situations.  OK, you have your intention clear and your honesty hat on … so before you try to engage review what you know about your client.  What do they want to achieve, what is their scariest problem.  It’s time to show them you understand and how your wonderful talents can help them solve that!

 (...Some more about Sales Plans)


You have done all the hard work – now put it to good use.  Start now …. and remember to give yourself a reward once you’re done.


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