Relationship Selling is Great Selling!

27th March 2013 | By Frances Pratt

Relationship Selling

The world of transactional selling is closing as companies and people continue their search for relationships.   “Good selling is about transcending the customer-facing role and becoming an internal change agent as well.”

The change mindset

In helping people buy from you, sometimes it is as simple as fitting the jigsaw pieces together to make a good business transaction and relationship.  If you find these customers – hang onto them!

Very often however, there is finesse required.  In giving clients what they want, someone in the relationship needs to change to make the interaction possible or to improve outcomes for one or both parties.

Like any relationship, the better you know and understand the person, the easier these maneuvers are.

Does your client need to change?

Telling your client that they need to change in order to work with your business can be a difficult conversation to have.  It's like the joke about the how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?  One – but it has to want to change.

Helping your client tap into the reasons for change is critical and arming them with the proof (case studies and other information) so they can tell stories to sell the message internally and grease the wheels of change.

Changing your business.

Sometimes your business needs to change, and I know that this can be harder than convincing the client.  If you aren’t the business owner, then changing how the business operates to accommodate clients can be tricky. 

Ultimately though, if you are dealing with the right clients that suit your business, then these changes are about maintaining a client-centric business, and we know that Customer Experience Leaders are successful businesses.

Sales doesn’t end with the signature. 

So, next time you are starting a new relationship with a client, look for the changes you might need to discuss with them and with people in your own business.


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