Sales ~ It's a Con!

23rd May 2013 | By Frances Pratt

Sales Confidence

Let’s face it, sales is about confidence!  If you have to be the sales person for your business then you have to build your confidence, in yourself and your business.  Once you have done that, you can show confidence in your business, what you do and how you do it, that’s sales.

In your journey to learn to sell -- here are some sales tips on building sales confidence:

If you feel awkward about selling it will show.  Stop thinking about sales as selling and start thinking about it as helping people buy.  That’s what great sales people do.

  • Don’t be desperate!

People buy when they want to.  This happens when you have convinced them on the benefits that they will receive when using your product or service.  It’s then that they are happy to spend their money with you. 

  • Know that you are an Expert in your business

One of the things that experts are happy to do is to talk about what they know.  Once you understand what the client is looking for … then as the expert … think about how you can help them solve their problem or fulfil their need.

  • Feeling low in confidence?

Want to know what I do if I’m not feeling the self-love?  I get out of the office and talk to my clients.  They are the best at helping me realise the positive impact that I have on their businesses.  Can’t get out of the office? No problem --- just pick up the phone!

  • Build a self-confidence routine

I saw this tip from Susan Ward --- A self-confidence routine is a great idea.  If you are going out to represent your company, think about these ideas: 

  • Choose to wear an outfit that help you feel confident
  • Be prepared by doing your homework on the topic and client
  • Visualise having a great conversation or meeting with them


  • It’s all in the words you use

Do you sound convincing when you speak?  Next time you are on the phone or at a meeting, record yourself and listen to how you sound. 

Here are some power sales phrases that might help you:

  • Change … ‘If you want to discuss the benefits … “  To …. “Let’s discuss how the XXXX will benefit you”
  • Change … ‘I hope you find this interesting … “  To …. “I am sure that you will find this of interest”
  • Change … ‘It might be a good idea to meet… “  To …. “Let’s meet next week to discuss this further, what day suits you?”


At the end of the day, great selling is all about having fun with what you do and the people you talk to.   Don’t forget to reward yourself when you do a fabulous job and keep handy wonderful things that people have said about you to pep you up when you need it. 

My last word of sales advice is … just like I say to my little 14 month old girl when she falls over… pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again!


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