Sales Secret: Have A Plan

5th February 2014 | By Frances Pratt

Sales Secret have a Plan

In sales; as with everything in life; you perform better when you have a plan.  As the late great Stephen Covey said ‘Start with the end in mind’ or my version … ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.’

There are two great things about having a plan:

  1. You feel like you have a purpose, you know where you are going.  In sales self-confidence is a golden tool, so knowing this really helps you get the right mindset.
  2. You can see if your plan is working.  Plans don’t always work – but at least when you have one, you can stop, review and refine.  So get to it!

Why to set goals for yourself in your sales role. 

Every super sales person sets and strives to exceed the big hearty targets that they hold for themselves.  These high targets can only be met if you are able to break them down into manageable steps that are part of a plan to get you there.  The very act of setting goals helps to set your intention and puts you on the right track.

Great tips on your sales goal setting:

  • Have an annual and monthly target for sales dollars and for number of new clients into the business.

Need help?  Try this sales target setting spreadsheet I have developed to help you break down the numbers.

  • Break this down into the activities that will bring your target to fruition

How many phone calls / new meetings / proposals will you have to complete to achieve that?

What activities do you need to do every week to achieve your goal?

  • Set the goals and then track and report on these, so you know how you are progressing. 
  • Make it public …. Have the information on your targets, plans and progress up on your wall so that it is top of mind for you.
  • Make yourself accountable and report to someone weekly … especially if you are the boss or work on your own.
  • Celebrate the wins


As one of my very first managers said to me … ‘Don’t expect what you don’t inspect’.  So whatever you decide to do, make sure you set up a way or recording, tracking and reporting on it.  You will do the things that you measure, so this step is vital.

Get to it ~ Happy Selling !


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