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13th December 2013 | By Frances Pratt

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What to do to make using the phone in sales easier.

The phone doesn't have to be a scary beast!  Here are three simple things that you can do to improve your phone sales techniques.

  1. Mindset:

You are helping people buy.  If you honestly believe in what you do and the impact that it has on your customers, then you are not being rude or intruding - you are helping someone solve a problem that they have.

So when you call someone ... have in your mind that you can help them.  The first step is then simple.  You need to find out about them, and do they have the problem that you can help with?

Make it a part of what you do every week.  You will only get better and feel better about it if you practise and experience helping people using the phone.

  1. Activity:

Here is the recipe that I use for people who are new to sales and the phone.

1Think about the other person.  Do as much research as you can to get to know something about the person that you want to call.  It is amazing what you can find from a simple Google Search.  You want to find out:

a. Their name (spelt correctly)

b. What they are interested in (work / community / family / other)

c. You want something to start the conversation with - that shows you have made an effort by doing research before calling them.

2.  Write a script.

Here is the basic idea for the structure that I use.  You, Me & the Next Step.

Here are some ideas on the script:

  1. Introduction:  Hi <Name of client> this is <your name> calling.
  2. Referral:  <Name of referrer> suggested I call you.
  3. Research:  (examples)

I noticed from your website ….

In working with <companies like yours> I know that they are interested in …..

I saw an article about you that talked about …..

  1. Use your Value Proposition:

We work with <target market>

Who <have this problem>

To <get their most desired outcome>

  1. Share some interesting information:

I have some interesting insights on how other <their title> in your industry is addressing this problem.

  1. STOP --- Ask a question --- listen: (examples)

Is that something that might be of interest to you?

Do you see that problem in your business?

….. let the conversation go along here (as long as the client is happy to talk) … but not too long.

  1. Ask for what you want:

It sounds like that could be something we could help you with and I would like to understand more about your business.

I am actually near your office on <day> at <time>, and would need 20 minutes of your time.  Would that suit you?

 Can you suggest another time that suits you better?

  1. Thank them

Thanks <client name> it’s been great to learn a little about your business and how you see <problem statement>.  I look forward to seeing you at your office on <day> at <time>.

  1. Results:

1. Track what you do.  See how you go with yrou calls.  Track what you do and measure your results.

2. Have a backup plan:

What is option 2 and 3 – if they say no to the meeting?  Some suggestions:

Send some information

Send an article that would be of interest on the topic

Sign up for your newsletter

Connect with them on LinkedIn

The most important thing to have in mind when using the phone - is to recognise that people can 'hear' how you feel about it.  So do whatever it is that makes you feel the most comfortable - and relax (easy for me to say - right?).


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