Sales Tips from Bob Dylan ...


By Frances Pratt

Firstly I must apologies to Bob Dylan .... but now we've got that out of the way, let's look at how he can help you.

I hear business owners and others talking about how they deal with tricky customers or bring in potential new customers.  One of my first questions, on both of these fronts is ..... 'How many times have you spoken to them?'

Often the response is : "Well I emailed them and told them ______________"  and they still haven't responded.

Well here's where we get to ask Bob Dylan for help .... because he knows that ... 'The answer my friend is picking up the phone ….  The answer is picking up the phone!'

There are logical reasons for this. 

1. In verbal communication more than 50% of what people hear and remember from the conversation is in your tone and implied attitude.  So that's less than 50% in the actual words that you use.  So much easier to get yourpoint across and also to understand where the other person.

2. When you have a conversation, you get to ask questions and listen to what the other person has to say.  In this way you can actually answer questions that they have or correct misconceptions.  You can get to an agreement much more quickly and easily than playing email tennis.

But more importantly there are emotive reasons for this:

1. When you make the effort to pick up the phone, it says to the other person that you care enough to do that.  They feel better than receiving an email from you.

2. In the tone and attitude you can learn about the other person and also help them learn about you and how you feel about what you are talking about.

So ... if you need to sort something out or want to really understand what the other person wants or where they are coming from - then listen to Bob Dylan.

 'The answer my friend is picking up the phone …. The answer is picking up the phone!'

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