What Clients Want

18th November 2012 | By Frances Pratt

What Clients Want

My latest article is inspired by reading Chrissie Swan & Julia Baird's articles on What Women Want

I hear from people all the time that want to learn to sell in a way that their clients want to buy.  So, here are a few sales tips and sales techniques around just that.  What I call a Sales Woman's Guide to What Clients Want.

  1. Respect

Sounds simple I know, but I can't tell you the number of people that I have seen try to tell a customer about their business.

Your first job in respecting your client is to ask them about their business and about what they know.  Only once you have listened and understood where they are at and where they want to go can you help them get there.

The best way to build respect in others, you have to respect yourself.  So go in armed with the research that you have done on your potential client and ready to ask and answer questions.

  1. Understanding

Your clients want to solve their problems ... but all clients have fears about confronting the things that keep them awake at night.

So your challenge is to find a way to 'nicely' uncover these fears and show how your solution can either solve this or as a minimum mitigate them.

People will only share their fears with you if they trust you and believe that you can help them solve the problem.

  1. Knowledge

Clients like to know how you have helped other people who have similar problems to them.  This gives them insights into how you operate and how you have helped other people.

They want to feel inspired about what you do and what you know.  This gives them a reason to try and fix their problem and a reason to trust that you can really help them.

A great working relationship is ultimately about sharing knowledge and finding in that collaboration a solution that works for all parties.

  1. Don't Take Me For Granted

Just like with any relationship what we know and what we need changes over time.  Don't take your clients for granted and don't assume that you know what they want.

Take time to check in with your clients to see what is new for them and share with them what is new for you. 

Touching base is important so that you continue to understand why your customers buy from you.

The critical thing to remember about talking to clients is - if you don't know what they want or why they want something, the best thing you can do is ask. 

Feel free to share your ideas, questions or comments in the area below.

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