5 Essential Sales Tips I learned from Ita Buttrose



By Frances Pratt



Recently I had the great fortune to see Ita Buttrose speak at a Business Chicks event (thanks to Women in Focus).  I felt so inspired by her so here are the tips and how they relate to boosting your sales.


  1. Ita says ... “Life is too short to be doing something you don’t enjoy.”

When talking to someone, if you are confident and passionate about what you do… it shows & people will want to know more.  The interesting thing about your business is often not what you do or how you do it – but why. By concentrating on this, you will show your passion and differentiate yourself.


  1. Ita says ... "It's terrific if everybody likes you but not essential. Only respect is essential"

Respect yourself (I can hear Aretha Franklin now!). When you are running a business, you have to stand up for yourself and what you know is right. I call this tough love. I love my clients so I will tell them …

  • when they are making silly decisions about my area of expertise
  • when they have upset me or not honoured our agreement(s)

Too many businesses put up with ‘bad’ clients. The heartache and distraction isn’t worth the money.  Go for respect every time.

  • Ita says ... “You will never know until you turn the corner…”

In the long journey of setting up your business, it can feel like you are totally on the wrong track.Perseverance is a great tool to stay your course to get where you want to go. I find talking to one of my clients reinforces why I got into business and helps me get to the corner.

  1. Ita says ... “You can't change anything that has happened in life but you can learn from it”

Selling is a skill and there are techniques that you can apply to improve yourself.The main reason people don’t do this is because they hate their idea of selling.But your idea about selling is probably based on bad experiences that you have had, because when you are sold to well … it doesn’t feel like selling at all.

  1. Ita says ... "You have the right to be heard"

So get out there and tell people your story, about how you got into business, about how you can solve a problem that they might have. I read a great article the other day that said that selling was about helping people see their potential, and not about your track record. I talk about that more here.

Ita gave a great practical example in how to sell … she was honest, open and fearless.  She shared stories about her past and her hopes for the future.  She told us that we could succeed at whatever we set our mind to … So let’s show her that she’s right!

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