7 Sure Fire Sales Tips for People Who Hate Selling

5th November 2012 | By Frances Pratt


You hate selling and the very idea of using the word sales and telling people that’s what you are doing in your business … well sales isn’t a word that you use – right?   You might use other words like ‘meeting new clients’, ‘telling them about what we do’, ‘business development’ …  and there are many more. 

One of the main reasons for this … is we all hate to be sold at.  Someone trying to ‘convince’ us to buy something that we frankly don’t want.

Yes – there are sales people out there like that – I won’t lie.  But the truth is, for each one of these shonksters there are plenty of sales professionals who are great at their job.  I have put together a few mistakes that non-sales people make about how they think about and do selling.

There are 7 things that you can do that today to help you improve as a salesperson.

  1. Don’t be a desperado! There is nothing as off-putting as someone who is desperate.  Just think about that person who tried so hard to be liked by everyone!  Yep – that’s right – no-one liked them.
  2. Don’t talk about yourself.  Your first & most important job as a sales person is to LISTEN.  Find out what problem the other person wants to solve.  Only then … even think about explaining details about what you do … and only then put this in the context of helping them answer their problem.
  3. Not sure about how do describe what you do?  Many business owners don’t get what value they deliver to their clients and this gives you low self-esteem (in a sales context).  So go out and ask people why they like dealing with you.  Learn about it in their words (not yours).
  4. Get groovy with selling. Think about a great sales experience you have had … when you had a problem, that they helped you to solve, and afterwards you were thrilled with the result!  OK – so think through how the sales person acted, think about how you felt … and then adopt some of this (in your own style).
  5. Not sure who to talk to about my business?  Here’s the brutal facts.  Your business will not help everyone.  There is a target group of clients that would love to work with you – why??  Because you solve their problems.  Who are they?  What do they look like?  Where do they hang out?  Define who this ‘Ideal Client’ is and then get out there and meet them.
  6. Don’t read or think about the Shamsters Book of Sales Techniques!   OK so this book doesn’t exist…  but true selling is about connection with your client.  A good solid, old fashioned relationship.  Start here … because until they know who you are and can trust you --- they ain’t buying!
  7. I feel bad about bothering people.  If you truly know your clients (or potential clients) and know that you are helping them solve a problem that they have …. then really …. they want to hear from you.  Believe in yourself, look for real connections and problems you can solve.


Here’s the bottom line … if you don’t get new customers into your business, or keep the ones that you have … you won’t have a business.   So – get out there and try some new things and have fun with it!

Would love to know what you have tried that works (and doesn't work) - leave a comment below.

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