How Deming Can Help You Sell


Deming is the father of what we now know as Continuous Improvement.  He was a US professor who went and worked in Japan to help them improve design, product quality … yes and sales !

One of the tools that he used to ‘dig’ into issues that occurred is the 5 Why’s.  This process encourages you to dig through 5 layers of why an issue is occurring.

In the KISS to Sell world, this tool is useful to uncover why your customers do and don’t buy from you. 

One of the reasons that business owners don’t ‘dig’ into issues to do with sales is because sales isn’t an area that they feel at ease … in fact many are scared of sales and appearing pushy.  So digging in this area is ignored and deemed too hard !

Let me tell you though … if you want to truly know why your customers buy from you, or aren’t buying from you, digging further is essential.  In my experience there is always a gem in the feedback that you get about what you are doing and saying in your business that is instructive and insightful.

I have included a link to a video (below) that talks about the application of 5 why’s.

So be brave … don’t accept the first answer that you get from your staff or your customers.  Dig into the 5 levels and find out what the core issue is.  Often the core is around people and processes and not about price or product (which appear at the upper levels).

Application of 5 why’s: (video):

More on Deming:

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