In Sales Attitude is Everything


By Frances Pratt

There is lots of sales advice about attitude and why it is so important and I will cover that too.  But first I want to start with the root cause of why business owners approach sales with a bad attitude.

It’s simple really.  They hate selling (or their idea of what selling is).  And just like the cause is simple, so is the solution.

When you approach a prospective client, don’t think that you are trying to sell them something.  Your first and most important job is to get to know them and to see if there is a problem that you can help them solve.  That’s right selling is about helping people buy things that solve their problems.

That doesn’t mean that you can help everyone, and indeed I strongly recommend that you focus on your ideal client and what problems you solve in the marketplace.  Great businesses know this ‘fit’ and this knowledge makes them confident in approaching their potential clients.

Confidence sells … well the other way of saying that is that clients want to work with people who can confidently talk about who they are, what they do and how they can help.  If you can easily talk about how you have helped others with the same experience, then they witness someone who knows about their problem and has solved it for other people.  Now that’s a sales centrepiece.

The thing about attitude is – you can choose your mentally approach! You are in charge!

But remember, your attitude (and it’s attractiveness – or otherwise) is judged by the people you meet … so check in and make sure you are on track..

Dos and Don’ts:


  • Know what problem you solve for your clients
  • Know who your ideal client is
  • Practice confidently having a conversation with others about these things
  • Make sure your attitude is positive before you set out to practice
  • Go out and talk to people and find out about what makes them tick


  • Assume the other person isn’t interested in you (because they are interested in solving their problem, and if they don’t have the problem – they aren’t your client).
  • Talk about yourself … your first job is to find out about them
  • Give up … this is about practicing and improving with each attempt


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