Article: Once Upon A Time ... I Ran A Business

10th December 2012 | By Frances Pratt


Storytelling is a great way to promote your business.  They are an especially important sales skill for people who hate selling because they are much easier to use.  When you are telling a story you feel more natural and it doesn’t feel like boasting in the same way that talking about yourself and your company does.

Stories educate and inform.  Human beings have been telling stories since time immemorial; because they work.  It is how we learn.  Stories are memorable.  To make them memorable you have to have two key ingredients.  What is your story about and how you deliver it.  Your story should set a scene, then describe the situation and then end with a solution (they all lived happily ever after).

What is your story about?

Your stories should emphasis your differentiation points; the reasons that people have chosen to work with you and give the listener insights into how you operate and work with your clients.   The more you know about your prospective client and their problems, the better able you are to choose the story that is likely to resonate with them.

If you do this well, you will have an effective sales pitch that means your audience will want to listen because they have the same problem that you are describing and want to understand how you can help them, just like you have helped others to overcome this problem.

Tell your audience about your success. 

  • Success in starting and continuing to run your business
  • Success with successfully helping a client overcoming a problem.


Ideally this should be a problem that your audience also has … now they are listening!

Stories can also be about

  1. How clients engage with my business
  2. What happens when something goes wrong


How you deliver it

Stories are a great way to learn to sell because you can convey a story about who your ideal client is and how your business is geared to help them.  When you deliver this type of story that addresses a problem that your audience has with confidence and style, people are much likely to trust and believe what you say.  So take some time to practice and refine your sales pitch and the best way to do this is in front of real people, but you can start in front of the mirror if that helps.

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