Sales Follow Up Etiquette II – A Nice person’s guide to connecting with people

18th September 2013 | By Frances Pratt

hello !!

Last week, in Sales Follow Up Etiquette we looked at how to follow up while in a meeting or on the phone. 

So what's next?  Here are the next steps to take to make sure you capitalise on all your great sales work!

First some pointers ...

Before we get to the steps … make sure you have noted all the things that will help you have the information you need to follow up. They are:

  • Person’s name – make sure you have the spelling right
  • Physical Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Best time / days to call


Sales tipMuch of this information you should be able to get from their website.

Sales follow up Step 1:  Send an email

Send a follow up email based on your conversation.  I usually do this the same or next day.

Here’s an example:

Dear Bob,

Thank you again for your time today.  It was great to get to know you and your company a little better.

We work with many businesses just like yours with <problem statement>.  And I know that we are well placed to help you with this also.

I will <actions from the meeting>

I am looking forward to <seeing / speaking with you> <date and time> as we agreed today.

I hope you have a great week and please don’t hesitate to call me in the meantime should you have any questions.

All the best,

It notes what you talked about, any actions that you have and the follow up that you have agreed on.

Sales follow up Step 2:   Follow Up !

If it is a meeting … be sure to send them a meeting invite.  And put it in your calendar so that you are there - on time!

If it is a phone call, be sure to put that in your calendar and mark it in RED so you don’t forget to do it.

What to say …

  • Remind them of who you are and when you last spoke (give them context)
  • Make sure that now is a good time to talk
  • Tell them what you remember their problem to be (make it about them)
  • Tell them what you have been working on for them. (what you have been doing for them)


Sales follow up Step 3:   Voicemail !!

Firstly … don’t panic!  Remember, you have an agreement to have this conversation, so in your mind I want you to know that they want to speak with you.

Leave a voicemail.  Make it brief and to the point … but put a hook in there so they will be interested to call you back (remember WIIFM ~ What's In It For Me ~ what everyone listens to).

Here's an example:

Hi Bob, this is Frances Pratt calling.  <leave your phone number>

We were speaking <last appointment date>.

I have been working on <action items> and have some interesting things to talk to you about <their problem>

At that meeting, we agreed that I would call you today.

Please give me a call when you are free.  Otherwise I will try you again <date> at <time>

Thanks Bob.  Frances Pratt  <leave your phone number>

Sales follow up Step 4: What happens if they still don’t get back to me?


First rule of sales is to remember that clients don’t have numbers on their phones, so it is your job to call them.

I would normally call 3-4 times before I start to think they may not want to speak with me.  Remember one of the keys is your mindset!

That’s when I send them an email to follow up and give them the option to connect.

Here’s an example email of what I would say:

Hi Bob,

I have tried to call you a few times, and left some messages for you.

I am assuming that <their problem> is not on the top of your priority list right now, I know that business is all about competing interests!

I am still happy to discuss this with you further, but will leave it to you to contact me.

In the meantime, If I see anything that I think might be of interest to you, I will send it through.

I will give you a call in a couple of months to touch base with you and see how your business is tracking.

Thanks again for your time, it was great to meet you and I wish you all the best with your endeavours.

All the best,

All the best ... and let me know if you have any sales questions ...  that you need answered.

Happy Selling !!

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