Sales Technique -- Feel Your Way to Success

Sales Skills - Using Feelings

By Frances Pratt

Here is a great sales skill that I learned many years ago.  It's called Feel Felt Found, and is a great way to engage with your customer and address feelings that they might have about working with you and your company. It can be used to positively answer objections, or just when you can sense that there is some reluctance.

Here's how it works:



  1.  “I understand how you FEEL”

The first step is to address the feeling that the client has shared with you.  You need to validate the clients feeling.  This helps them to know that you understand what they are saying, and perhaps some of the underlying reasons that they might be bringing up this question.  

Evaluating risks is a normal part of the buying journey and you want to show them that this is ok for them to be feeling this way AND that you are the right person to discuss this with.

  1. “Others FELT the same way ….”

You want them to know that other customers, who have bought and are happy with your product or service, have felt the same way in the beginning. 

Again you are validating their feelings AND letting them know that other people, in the same stage of buying have felt exactly the same way.  Everybody likes to feel like they are ‘normal’ and part of a normal buying process. 

This leads us to the next step… which is explaining why the others had that change of heart.

  1. “What they FOUND was ….”

This last step is about helping your client look to the future, and how others have overcome that and enjoyed the benefits of your product.  This is about telling your potential customer how (in as exact terms as possible) the other customers overcame and addressed this fear through using your product or service.

Going through this with a potential client not only allays this particular fear but allows them to understand the process you take your clients through to ensure that their fears are addressed and a positive outcome reached.

Using Feel, Felt, Found, (some examples)

I can understand why you might FEEL, when you first look at this that the price is too high
Other customers have FELT the same way.
But, when they started using the product and saw the savings that they were able to achieve they FOUND that using the XXXXXXX was the right choice for them.

I know you might be FEELING that this XXXXXXX might be difficult to implement in your workplace.  Others have FELT exactly the same way. They FOUND by using our complete implementation guide that they were able to achieve this successfully and enjoy the full benefits of the product / service.

Where to start?

Build some examples of what fears your customers have overcome.  The best way to do this is to talk to existing clients. 

Start using these stories that you learn about with new prospective clients and see their reaction.


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