Article: Feelings… nothing more than feelings

17th December 2015 | By Frances Pratt

Change your sales vision

It is amazing how much how we feel about something can drive our behaviour. 

The assumptions that we make about ourselves and others impacts on the actions we choose and the meanings that we take from other peoples actions and reactions.  

If you are going to be a confident sales person - then you need to explore and change some of the beliefs and assumptions you have about sales and selling.  

My calling in life is to improve how you sell.  So you like it (or even may learn to love it like me!) and get better at it and have more and happier customers.  To do that I need to start with how you feel about it and how this impacts on your experience of selling.



Exploring your beliefs and assumptions about sales. 

First job is to explore the way our brain works.  Try out this wonderful tool from Peter Senge.  The Ladder of Inference[1] helps you to think about how you create and use beliefs what how we can modify this.  You construct your ladder from observing your actions and unpacking your beliefs and so on all the way down to observable data.  Once you can see this, then you can modify the necessary steps on the ladder.

Peter Senge - Ladder of Inference


How you change the way you feel about sales:

Great selling is ... helping people buy

Think about a great sales experience you have had.  Chances are you would describe it as someone helping you, solving a problem, being helpful etc.  Great selling is simply that; helping people buy.  People will buy something when you can demonstrate to them that you can solve a problem that or fulfil a need.

The great thing about this simple (but powerful change) is that it changes everything you do ... if you are going to help people, your first step isn't to talk about you it's to listen and find out how you might be able to help someone.

Helping people buy

Great selling is .... being ok to be yourself

The only way to be confident is to be you.  Confidence is important as it will attract people to what you are saying and get them to engage with you. Finding your own sales style will help you feel more confident and comfortable.  This style can’t be found in a book or by reading this blog … you have to go out and try things and practice and work out what feels great for you AND works for your client.

Super Sales

Things people feel about sales:

“I don’t want someone to buy because they feel sorry for me.”

When we are first starting out in sales, we think that maybe people say yes to meetings or to us because they feel sorry for us.  

The truth is this very rarely happens, and the best way to overcome this fear is to get out and experience people say yes and no to you.

“I don’t want to feel like I am being pushy.”

When you take the attitude that you are helping people buy, it changes how you feel about approaching people.  If we know what we are doing is really a great solution then picking up the phone, or asking someone to buy from you becomes infintely easier.

“I can’t sell – I don’t want to be that person.”

There is no one style of person or attribute that makes peolpe great sales people.  I know fabulous sales people who are shy and introverted.  

The sales lesson is to be honest about who you are and what you are doing.  Be yourself and also allow other people to be who they want.  It is just as important to allow others to be themselves by not making assumptions about what they are doing or thinking.

"The only way to know what someone is thinking or feeling ... is to ask them."


[1] Peter Senge:  The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook (1994)


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