Article: The Five Whys of Sales Success

22nd September 2015 | By Frances Pratt

Five Whys of Sales Sucess

Why Why Why .... Delilah !

Do you struggle to improve your sales?  Guess what ! The answers are literally right under your nose. 

You are in business and so by definition you have had sales success.  Don’t go looking to some sales guru (except me of course) for the answer.  The answer lies within you and your business.  Here are some simple (but powerful) questions to gain insight into how you can improve your sales.

Alfred Deming is the grandfather of the quality movement.  He helped Japan after world war two by educating them on building quality improvement programs. One of the main tools he used to improve quality is the 5 Why’s.  To keep asking why 5 times, to dig until you find the source of the problem (or in our case the reason you are in business).

[Image] Here's a face you can trust ... the lovely Mr Deming !

Fran's 5 Whys to Build a Quality Sales System.

Why did you get into business

Summary:  People engage with your why not what you do

People can easily understand the what and the how of what you do.  But why is so much more important!  Why? Because it is important to you … it speaks to the very reason you are in business and allows your clients to have insight into and connect with that.  
It's personal and it's powerful!

Why you do the things you do?

Summary:  People want to know what you have learned in your business

We refine how we approach business every day as we try new things and learn from our experiences.  These changes in approach make great stories that clients LOVE!  Stop and reflect on what you have learned and capture these.  Clients want to know why you do things the way you do.... so educate them!

Why? Because they want to know that you are open to learning new things and modifying what you do in line with what you learn.

Why do clients come to you?

Summary:  Know why people choose to do business with you

We often assume that we know why people choose us (or not).  It is a very telling exercise to set that aside and go ask them.  Choose three new clients and three old clients ask them why!  Why they chose you, why they didn’t choose other people, what was it that was the turning point in their decision.

Why do clients return?

Summary:  Know why people come back

It’s wonderful to get new clients, it’s even better to have them come back for more!  The only people that can tell you why they return and what is important to them are the clients themselves.  Go out and talk with people.  Learn to listen and understand why they keep coming back.  Then learn how to do MORE of that !

Rinse and repeat :)

Why will you win?

Summary:  Why you will win is EVERYTHING

Once you collected all of these elements and put them together, I want you to ask yourself this simple … but VERY difficult question.  Every time you think you have the answer, think again. If someone else can say the same thing … then you have to keep digging.  It has to be unique.

WARNING:  Motherhood statements are not allowed!

Why is it that in your market with what you do, the way you do it and why that customers want to buy from you and keep buying from you.  Learn what it is that will keep this ‘edge’ sharp in your business so that you continue to win.


If you can go through the five whys and be open to the answers ... then you will be well on your way to building a quality sales system, built around your clients and why they love you!

Let me know you you get on ... would love to learn about your WHY!


For the love of selling !

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