Article: Secret Sales Ingredient ~ Your Lean-In Factor

24th October 2014 | By Frances Pratt

Sales Secret Lean-In Factor

I know that getting out there and talking about your business can be tough and seem icky!  On the other hand, I also know that all businesses need to find new customers.

What if I told you there was a secret ingredient that would make you more comfortable talking about your business AND get greater results?  Read on … because the truth is out there (oops I mean in here).

Have you ever spoken about what you do, and left the audience flat?  That’s because you haven’t found the Lean-In Factor for you and your business. 

The lean-in factor is that ‘thing’ that makes people lean in and want to know more.

The Lean-In Factor ~ Ingredients:


  1. Talk about them and not you.

You may have heard of the radio station that everybody listens to WIIFM.  It stands for What’s In It For Me. 

When you listen to the radio and a song or information comes on that interests you, you ‘tune-in’ and once it is over, you ‘tune-out’.  Well customers are exactly the same.  When you are saying something that interests them (or is about them) they will listen.

Think about how you can 'tune' what you say to speak to their industry, their business, their fears and interests.

  1. Touch their pain point.

You need to talk about their pain; what is it that is going to motivate them to do something about their problem?  They are not going to buy from you simply because they like you ~ they are going to buy from you if they trust that you can deliver a meaningful solution to a problem that they have that is causing them pain.

If you have done step 1 and 2 correctly, you should have noticed a Lean-In, if you haven't, then try again, change tacks and see what your customer responds to.

If you have - great .... but it’s not over until the fat lady sings … so keep going.

  1. Prove Your Solution

Your job now is to keep showing them that you know about them, their industry, their business, their pain and how to solve it.  The best way to do this isn’t to talk about yourself, it’s to use stories about clients you have helped or things that you have learned along your journey.  Stories are great because they are:

  • Easy to remember (for you and the client)
  • Have a theme or moral that people will engage with
  • Show the experience of your product or service, how it works in real life.

Your stories should also show them that you are qualified to help them.  I don’t just mean that you have the right technical skills, think beyond this, can they get along with you, does your style of business match what they need?

  1. Know the next step

The biggest mistake that non-sales people make is to miss the next step. 

At the end of the conversation, everyone should be very clear about what you and they need to do next to take this discussion forward.  This can be a variety of things, depending on the size and complexity of what you are selling.  Here are some examples:

  • Buy from you
  • Send you some information that you need
  • Sign up for a free something
  • Have another meeting

This step comes from your Client Roadmap which covers the ways that a client traverses through your business.

What’s next?

I will leave you now with the last critical ingredient. 

Practice!  You will only find your Lean-In Factor by talking to people, and preferably face to face.

Practice is essential for two reasons.

  • It will help you find your Lean-In Factor Body language is essential to tell you how a potential client is reacting to what you are saying.
  • It allows you to refine your Lean-In Factor until you can do it confidently in your sleep.


You never know … in one of these conversations you might just win a new client – and that’s what it’s all about!


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