Article: #Saleshack : Give Yourself Permission to be Great at Sales

7th July 2016 | By Frances Pratt

#saleshack permission to be great at sales

Hi there beautiful people :) 

I have been speaking with lots of people recently who are smack bang in my target market … that is ... people who don’t like sales and want to be better at it. 

Something struck me ... there was one MASSIVE central theme that stood out for me from these conversations. 

Here it is >>>  Most people think and act like they are rotten at sales … and you know what – they are right!  Because what you think ... you do ... and you see.

It doesn't have to be that way - so here my shining and brave friend is my challenge for you …

What would it look like for you if you gave yourself permission to be G R E A T at sales?


Here’s what I think.

Sales Hack > Think Differently

If you were naturally great at sales you wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time and energy worrying about what you should do, how others think, second guessing yourself.

So think yourself into being better or even great at sales … here’s how. 

Get yourself two pieces of paper

  1. On the first write all the things you HATE about doing sales in your business … all the bad experiences you have ever had.  I want you to get the picture on that piece of paper of all the slimiest things that you think sales is about.  Get them out and look at how icky and silly they look.


  1. On the second piece of paper I want you to create an image of Sales G R E A T N E S S. Imagine what it feels like to be helping people buy from you – what are the words you would use / how would this feel / how would they feel.  I want you to get the picture of a shining sales goddess it all your glory and triumph.


Now ... before you head out to a meeting or pick up the phone to make a call …. I want you to stare at the Sales Greatness page you have created and absorb everything about the shining sales goddess into you … and choose to be that person when you pick up the phone and go to your meeting.

The truth is ...

We all have that inner voice that warns you ‘not to make a fool of yourself’ and that feeling in our gut that challenges us … but it is what we choose to DO that makes all the difference.

So this week … I want you to choose to put on your inner shining sales goddess … and let me know how it feels, how people react and most importantly how it changes how YOU feel about sales.

Now over to you ...

I would love to know what YOU are doing to stoke your business fires... comment below.

For the love of sales and to your sales confidence!


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