Article: Project MARS: Kick starting your Sales in 2016

14th January 2016 | By Frances Pratt

Project MARS

Hello beautiful people and welcome to 2016.

I hope you all had a wonderful break and time with family.  I didn’t so much have a break (with two young kids) – but I feel refreshed and ready to launch 2016 with a blast.  I did take the opportunity in the break (between snotty noses and cutting up fruit etc) to do planning for my businesses.  It was so illuminating and great to review 2015 and set some clear markers for success in 2016.

One of the things that I am crystal clear on is that I need to help others grow and contribute to their businesses.  When I do that I will achieve my goals with ease.

I decided to kick start the year doing exactly that.  Helping my wonderful KISS To Sell supporters kick start their year with Project MARS.

Project MARS covers the three (3) essentials for your sale success.  With each stage I help you understand it, think about new ideas and then apply that to your business.  This includes workbook packed with information and a 20 min 1:1 sales coaching session with me to answer your questions and make sure you get the MOSTEST out of your trip to MARS.

Stage 1: MINDSET


Before you do anything or speak to anyone, we have to sort out how you feel about sales. 

How you feel comes across in everything that you do, your tone of voice, the words you choose, the way you hold your body and write emails.

helping people buy kisstosell

There are countless studies that show that what you think will happen predetermines what you witness and your view of the outcome.

My fav tip on this is simply to STOP thinking of it as selling, and start thinking of it as helping people buy!





Many people are disheartened by sales because they just don’t do the right number of activities to get the results they want.

ask your clients kisstosell

That begs the question … what are the right activities.  Well – lucky you ask, because my second module in Project MARS helps you cover just that!  We start by reviewing 2015 and then use that information to chart out what you need to do in order to achieve your revenue goals in 2016.

Be the change you want to see in your business !




Stage 3: RESULTS

Yay - you've got your mind primed and working and to you are geting out there doing things. Now what ?  Let's go back a step ... why are you doing this - to get new customers.  So now we need to record and review the results of the activity. 

Results roadmap

What went well ... what are the areas for improvement ... what am I going to do next?

This allows you to modify the plan, and go out and try again.  Sales is one of those skills that ONLY improves when you are in front of live clients!  



The reason I have put these three things together in one course is that I know that if you successfully do all three you are guaranteed to improve your sales, how you think and feel about it and proceed with the confidence of knowing what you need to do to reach your targets.

Come with me to  MARS :) BLAST OFF !!!

Blast your sales to mars

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