Article: Refining Your Sales Pitch

12th January 2015 | By Frances Pratt

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Step One:  Build your pitch

A pitch is simply how you tell people what you do.

The purpose of a pitch is to have people listen to and engage with your idea.  Before you start remember that everyone listens to WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?).  What interests people most is the inspiration behind your business. 

  1. Hi I am………….  from ……….
  2. The problem we see is …………………
    1. Do you have that problem?
    2. Can you explain how that affects your business?
    3. Are you interested in solving it?
    4. Have you tried solving it before?


"Having worked many years in sales and helping people sell I found that most new business owners I spoke with didn’t understand or were afraid of sales and selling."

Step Two:  Take it to the street

Your clients and potential clients are essential in refining your sales pitch. 

The critical thing to learn is what your clients are interested in.  As you explain to people what you do and listen to and answer their questions; you will get great insights on what problems they see, how they describe it and most importantly what they would do about it. 

I cannot stress enough how important this step is.  It should be one of the first things you do with your business idea.  There is nothing worse than taking something to market once you have spent time and money only to discover this isn’t a problem that people have or want to solve.

Step Three:  Make it a conversation.

Once you have established a connection with someone, then your job is to get them talking so you can learn as much as possible about them, their business and what makes them tick. 

Step Four: Tell them your story

Once someone is interested in knowing more, then start telling them your story here is an example of the format I use:

  • Experience ~ Problem
    • "Having worked many years in sales what I found was that most new business owners didn’t understand or were afraid of sales and selling."
  • Solution
    • So I decided to build KISS To Sell, to focus on sales training for people who aren’t sales people and who don’t necessarily understand or like it.
  • What makes you different.
    • As I researched the market, I could see there was no sales training aimed at the great majority of people to whom sales is foreign.
  • What I have done about it is:
    • "I put together a completely jargon free sales course, aimed squarely at people who know nothing about sales but need to sell.  It is about debunking the myths about sales and then teaching them what great selling is about."
  • If you are interested in knowing more… <asking them to buy>
    • "The first thing people do read my blog and watch my first video ~ all of which is free.  Would you like me to send those to you?"

As you are talking, engaging and listening you need to watch which areas of the conversation people engage with.  I call this your Lean-In Factor.  Learn from this and use the feedback you get from you clients to refine your pitch. 

Need help or have a great sales pitch?  Share it with me!

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