Article: Sales Confidence: How to Ditch the Wizardry & Be Yourself

20th May 2016 | By Frances Pratt

Sales Confidence Ditch the Wizardry & Be Yourself

This article follows on from The Lion . . Have Sales Courage

Oh - You're a very bad man!" Says Dorothy.
“Oh, no my dear. I'm a very good man. I'm just a very bad Wizard.” 
 L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz

When I am coaching people in sales … I often hear that people think to be confident in selling they have to be something or change who they are

The truth is you sales confidence is about being comfortable and confident being you in your sales role and then … being you talking about your business and being you asking people to buy from you.  Once you find a way to walk and talk your way through business … then the right people will be attracted to and say yes to you. That is confident selling.

The Wizard in the Wizard of Oz was never a real wizard and so he felt like he needed to put on a show.  He adopted a big booming voice, fearsome face and hid behind a curtain so that people would fear him.  It was only when he stopped pretending to be ‘big and powerful’ that he was truly able to stand in his power to help others and himself.

Why You Don't Have Sales Confidence

Many people are frightened that people will think you are a bad person when you sell to them. 

Then stop selling and start helping people buy by being yourself and communicating your value and talking about how you help others.

The truth is confident sales people don’t perform or put on a show.  Sales Confidence in its simplest (and smartest) form is about being you!  Find your sales confidence by what you need to STOP and what you need to START.

What to STOP doing to build Sales Confidence:

  • Stop Lying (white, black or any other colour).

There are all different sizes and flavours in lies.  For example, you might think that people expect you to know the answers to all their questions!  When you get a question we don’t know the answer to you are tempted to lie, or to stretch the truth so you don’t have to say you don’t know.

Your potential client doesn’t expect you to know everything – but they DO expect you to be honest and to find out for them.  Here’s some words for you to use:

Great question.  Let me find out for you.  I will get back to you by phone / email with that answer by tomorrow.”

Make sure you give yourself enough time.  Your client doesn’t necessarily want things quickly – but they DO want to be able to trust you when you give them a delivery date on information.

  • Pretending to be something you aren’t

Do you have words, voice tones and other elements in your conversation that you hide behind?  Sometimes you can see this when people are talking too fast or over others.  This is an expression of your fear.  Stop yourself. Take a deep breath and try something different.  Here's a list of things to start.

What to START doing to build Sales Confidence:

  • Be honest with yourself

Get clear on what you are doing in your business and why you started it in the first place.  Confident selling starts when you connect your passion and then share this in a way that allows others to understand your passion and how they can choose to engage with you.

  • Ask people to take the sales journey with you

It is great to start with your passion and seeing people engaging with that – but the truth is that you don’t have a business unless people buy from you.  Have a clear client journey to take that engagement onto a next step… on your sacred journey so that your prospective client can further understand the value you can provide to them.  A journey that can bring that person on as a client with you.

If you don’t ask them … then they can’t say yes … and you can’t help them with their problem.  You are stopping them from experiencing you and allowing them to love you and what you do.

Sales confidence comes with practice.  So get out there and try some of these things for yourself.  Sales confidence comes from that great joy you feel when you have helped someone solve a problem that they have or fulfilled a need.  There is nothing more gratifying than a happy customer.

Travel well my friends.  

Next week we get focus on being your own Sales Goddess

For the love of sales and to your sales confidence!


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