Sales Fact: People Buy Emotionally

16th December 2014 | By Frances Pratt


Whether you think you buy emotionally or not … you do!  Everybody does.  Everyone buys emotionally and then wraps it neatly in logic.

Learn more about this and how it can help you to get people to buy from you.

First things first ~ the proof.

When I see that people don't believe me about emotional buying, I start with two questions that will help you understand this for yourself.

Question One:  In the last Federal Election – why did you vote for the person you did?

In answering this question, I am sure that you will think through a series of logical answers along the lines of the economy, border protection or education strategies and so on.

Question Two:  In the last Federal Election – why didn’t you vote for the opposite person?

Now, you are much more likely to see a list of feelings; I didn’t trust him, I just don’t like what he stands for and so on.  You see we remember to wrap logic around our decision, but not necessarily around the one we didn't choose.

HOW and WHY – Limbic brain, human behaviour and emotions, no capacity for language, behaviour, gut decision, controls decision making (drives loyalty), gut feeling, ‘people say, it just doesn’t feel right’

People buy because of ‘why’ you do it, not what you do as everyone else can do ‘what’ you do

Still don’t believe me – then read info from this scientist.

Connect with your own emotions:

So – if it is true that we all buy emotionally, then how can you use this information to better address the emotions around how your clients buy from you?

Think about how you feel about your products or services.  What emotions does what you do stir up in you (hopefully good ones).  Think about the emotional reasons that you started your business in the first place.  Most people start a business because they have a passion (another emotive word) for something. 

Your passion is a great place to start your business story, the story that you tell others about why you do what you do.  A story with passion is much more interesting than talking about the mechanics of what you do.

Helping clients get in touch with their emotions:

There are two key things that you can do to help you understand your clients and their motivations for buying from you.

Know what problem you solve.

Business problems are the things that keep us, and our clients, up at night.  They scare us.  We are motivated to find solutions to them. 

You need to be able to understand the problem that your client faces and how that makes them feel.  Equally what are the feelings and emotions around solving this problem.  Help your clients to understand and connect with this and you will help them feel motivated to buy from you.

Know your clients emotions.

If you already know the emotional reasons that clients buy from you ~ then you can skip this bit and move to the next heading.  You already know that this helps you connect with clients and also to find more clients who think and feel the same way.

Not sure what emotions your clients have about you, your product and service or your company?  Easy ~ just ask!

Here’s some questions that will help you.

  1. How did you feel when you didn't have a solution to this problem?
  2. What experiences do you love about dealing with our company?
  3. What would be the ideal way for us to help you?


The key to understanding what clients value is knowing it is about their perception of the process and the outcome.  You can influence this via your relationship with them, how they feel when they are in your company and whether you are showing that you are listening to what’s important to them.

So go on .... get out there and feel your way to success with your new clients.

For the love of selling,


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