Setting and Getting Your Sales Numbers

21st June, 2019 | By Frances Pratt

Sales Numbers

If you don’t know where you are going … any road can take you there.”

This is so true in sales.  Sales is a numbers game.  In order to win at the numbers game you have to know the numbers you need to put in to get out the results you want.  Simple – right?  Well yes ~ but so many people fail to do this … you know the saying about common sense not being so common!

Let me help you!

Step One:  Use this very handy little Sales Predictor Spreadsheet that I have put together for you. Download and DO THIS NOW.

Fill in the spreadsheet … and then come back and read the rest of the article.  I will still be here waiting for you!  I promise !

What to do with the numbers:

Now to get those sales numbers into sales actions.  This is how:

1.  Break down the numbers!

For each type of sale (current client and new client), think about what steps you need to take (your sales process) in order to get them in the door as a paying client.

  • Getting new contacts (networking etc)
  • How you are going to contact them (Letters / Phone calls / Emails)
  • Follow up calls
  • Meetings
  • Proposals
  • Signing up new clients


Now, think about when you are going to do this.  I set aside time in my diary every week so I can make sure it gets done.

Being good at selling is part practice and part ‘eating your greens’ which means doing the necessary things every day and week.

Another idea I love is to reward yourself each time you achieve your numbers!

2. Measure – Do – Measure

One of my first bosses said to me … ‘Don’t expect what you don’t inspect!’

  • Keep a track of your sales activities & when you do them.
  • What is your success rate on any given day or sales stage?
  • What are these for Warm or Cold Leads?


Warm leads are those people that you already know ~ existing clients.

Cold leads are people you do not know ~ new clients

Information is KING:

This gives you information on your sales success rates, this will help you think about:

  • Your conversion ratios (from the spreadsheet) ~ that is how many phone calls does it take to win an appointment and so on.
  • At what stage are you losing potential clients and which sales skills might you need to improve.

Once you have this information:

  • Feed it back into the spreadsheet
  • Reassess and reset your sales activity goals


3. Are you being realistic?

Commit to numbers that you think are a stretch – but not unachievable!

If you reach for the stars … you never know you might just touch the moon.

But don’t overstretch yourself … if you aim too high, and think it unattainable you will become disillusioned and stop your sales activities. 

4. Set a review date

Take some time every month with someone you can be accountable to, to review your numbers.

Use this time to also review what you have learned, and how you are going to apply these learnings to do things differently next month.

5.  Just do it !  :)

You will never improve unless you are get out there and give it a go.

For the love of selling,


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