Article: Connect with Clients by Telling Sales Stories

18th July 2018 | By Frances Pratt

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There is a very good reason that we tell our children stories.  If you review childhood stories they are used to educate our children on things they should and shouldn’t do.  They are memorable because they put us at the centre of the story and take us on a journey of what might happen if we choose a particular path or option.

Storytelling is also a great way to promote your business.  Here’s why!

Why sales stories work for you: 

Often people feel awkward talking about themselves and their business.  Sales Stories work for you because instead of talking about you – you can talk about an experience that a client had with you.  You will feel more natural and come across with more confidence simply because you feel more comfortable.

Why sales stories work for your client:

Sales Stories are about things that happened in your business, through the eyes of a client or employee.  A story focuses on someone’s experience and are used to educate and teach people that might have the same problem or are facing the same question about your business.

When people are considering buying they feel more comfortable if they know that you have helped others like them with a similar problem.  They also want to know how you went about that and the outcome.

Stories educate and inform the listener.  It is how can teach our clients about how and why we do what we do and what outcomes they can expect when working with us.  

Let’s build a great sales story? 

To make them memorable you need two key ingredients.  What is your story about and how you deliver it. 

What is your sales story about? 

Like all good stories you have a beginning, a middle and an end.

  • The beginning:  Your story should be about where a client was before they started working with you.  What problem did they have, what had they tried in the past and why or how did they find you.

The beginning also sets the scene by showing people the type of clients you work with, what stage of business or what types of problems you solve.  It also shows who you are dealing with inside the business.

  • The middle:  Here is the meat of the sales story.  This is where you describe how the client decided to start working with you and a step through that journey inside your company and how you work. 

The middle is where you emphasise your differentiation points; the reasons that people have chosen to work with you and give the listener insights into how you operate and work with your clients.

  • The end:  Bringing it home is all about showing the ‘happily ever after’ component of the story.  Share with people the outcome of what happened.  Being memorable is about telling people the facts and figures but most importantly the feelings that resulted from this outcome.


Remember – people buy emotionally so to engage with them you will want to talk about a problem that they are feeling.  Show them how you helped others with the same problem.  And lastly describe what happened and how it made you and the client feel to have that problem solved.

I would love to hear your sales story - share away.

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