Article: Sharing my Journey of Discovery

14th October 2016 | By Frances Pratt

Sharing my Journey of Discovery

 feel like I have to apologise for being absent from your inbox for so long. 

There is a good reason and I want to share that with you.  I have been rethinking how I deliver KISS To Sell to you.

As you all know I LOVE SALES and the reason KISS To Sell started was to uncover for people the hidden rules of sales so they can apply them and use them to confidently talk about and build their business in a way that makes them feel proud and comfortable.

That isn’t changing.  But I had have had to re-think my business and realign it with what people REALLY wanted!

My BIG mistake

For those of you who have been on this journey with me you will know I am an honest and open person and so I am happy to share my BIG mistake so that you can understand and learn from this.

My big mistake was that I was too busy thinking and talking about sales and how to help people from my perspective.  I suppose I can sum this up by saying I was too involved in creating solutions that I would buy.  But (lightbulb moment) – I am NOT my customer!  #rookiemistake

For me a big part of my problem was, even once I saw it, I had been working down that path for 4 years and so I felt invested in continuing.  But really that’s just my ego and in the end I realised that this doesn’t serve me and it certainly doesn’t serve my KISS To Sell Community !

What Fran did Next

I started by interviewing 10 people who fit my target market (people who hate or are uncomfortable with sales).  I chose a couple of you who have worked with me doing the KISS To Sell program but then I really wanted was input from peopel who didn’t know me so I could have a fresh set of eyes, ears, minds and hearts over my business.

The information was illuminating and helped me see with great clarity exactly where I had gone wrong.

Here’s the nub of the problem.  My ideal client HATES sales … so much that they know they won’t be self-motivated enough to watch videos and work on their own.  What they want and need is guidance, support and accountability.

My ideal client has a real aversion to the word and actions surrounding ‘SALES’.  Or they just don’t know how to do it in a way that makes them feel in control and proud of their business and themselves.

The problem is without sales, without new customers buying from you, you don’t have a business.

So I went back to the drawing board … I knew I had lots of great content and ideas that could really help my people, but I needed to find a new way to talk about it and to deliver it.

It may seem small from the outside (or not) but to me this has been a monumental change because it meant me getting over myself and focusing on what others want from me.

The new KISS To Sell.

I have uncovered and discovered the ONE THING that stops people buying from you!

In my experience in coaching women in sales, there are two key reasons for this.

  1. They misunderstand what great selling is and … because of that …
  2. They lack confidence in their ability and skills

It is so powerful and so simple but now I know that i can help you understand and overcome that.

I have developed a 1:1 KISS To Sell Sales Coaching program that helps you uncover and discover your unique sales style.  This style then becomes the backbone of your sales process and shows you the steps you need to take to help people buy from you.

The KISS To Sell Program

  • We start with a 1:1 call that helps me uncover the ONE thing that is stopping people buying from you.  I help you think about and uncover what success means to you.  So that we can review and reflect on your progress at the end of the program.
  • Over 8 weeks, we take a journey together through your business where I teach you how to:
    • deeply understand your clients and help them share with you what they want
    • talk about your business in a way that addresses these emotional and logical needs
    • set up your systems and metrics to follow this pathway so you get the results you deserve from your business.
  • You get my undivided attention in 1:1 coaching calls with me
  • Each week I deliver frameworks and ideas that help you apply what you are learning.

  • Plus, unlimited email access to me during the program to help you when you get stuck or to review what you are working on.

During the program we uncover your sales confidence and build systems around that so that you have this part of your business nailed in a way that makes you feel both proud and confident.

Offer ... you can't refuse :)

I have limiited places available to start this program in the next week.  I want to get you all set up and ready to ROCK 2017.

I have a special offer of a 45 minute Sales Strategy Call with me.  In this call I will help you understand exactly what is stopping people buying from you and what you can do about it.

So if this sounds like you - then get in touch with me

For the love of sales and to your sales confidence!




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