This is Selling !

26th February, 2020 | By Frances Pratt

This is Selling !

The truth is simple

There is a simple truth.  People do selling the wrong way.
That is why we distrust, why we squirm and why businesses, non-sales people and sales people fail.

The truth is simple to understand.
The truth is difficult to execute on a continuous basis.

This is the truth:

Selling isn’t something that you do to others, it is something that you do with others.
Selling isn’t pushy and about convincing others to buy from you.
Selling isn’t about talking first and getting your message across

Selling is ...

Selling is a walk that you take with others, it is inviting them to take a journey with you.  A journey to discover if you can truly help them with a pain or need that they have.  Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is no.  The journey is built around their buying decision.

Selling is about understanding others and helping them on that journey.  If I am to help you buy, then what do you need, what information, in what order, what is important for my customer to know so that they can make a good buying decision for them.

Selling is about listening first.  If we are to help others, then listening to understand must come first.  You can’t help others if you know nothing about them and what their needs and desires are.  You can only help them once you listen to understand.

Simple ... follow the path and let me know how you go.

For the love of selling,


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