Article: Why People Don't Listen to You

15th September 2015 | By Frances Pratt


Why people don't listen to you ...

Tell me if you have been here .... you are talking and you are sure the other person just isn’t interested in a word you are saying?  Chances are you are right!  They aren’t.  I am sorry if that sounds a harsh … but that’s the world of Sales.

People don’t listen to you for the simple reason that you aren’t talking about anything that interests them.

What to do about it...

People listen to things that interest them. Think about yourself, you listen to shows, music and people that you like and you ‘switch off’ when something comes on that you aren’t interested in.

Everyone in the world listens to one radio station WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

WIIFM is how our brain filters information.  If you want people to listen to you, then you have to tune into their frequency, into what THEY are interested in.

How do you know what people are interested in ….



Stop thinking about you and what you want to say.  Stop speaking.  Stop worrying that people won’t want to listen to you …. Just STOP.


Look at what people are wearing, what they choose for themselves, what phone they have, what work they do …. Look at all the things that give you pointers about what this person might be interested in.

WARNING: Don't assume that you know! You are creating ideas that need to be checked and verified with the person you are listening to.


Listen to what they are saying and talking about.  If you can get people talking about themselves they will tell you what about their interests.  Also listen for how they phrase things, the pace and intonations that they use to describe things they like and don’t like.  All of this information will tell you something.


Finally, once you have done the first three …. STOP and THINK.  Think about how you might be able to help this person … and if you can, then ask their permission to explore that with them.

What sales champions do ...

Sales champions listen and learn as second nature.  They have learned this skill by repeating these actions over and over and learning from their wins and their losses. 

If you want to adopt this then YOU have to practice and keep practicing until you become a past master in listening and tuning into other people’s WIIFM.

Want more ?  To learn more about this … then tune into Lesson 3 of KISS TO Sell.  This lesson will help you:

  • Tune into finding and using WIIFM
  • Understand the value you give others
  • Get to the heart of what makes you unique


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