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17th November 2015 | By Minda Zetlin via Image from story

38 words and phrases that convince

Sales is all about convincing others to do what you want!

Sales is a great thing!  I love it!  But here's one of the things that non-sales people struggle with.  It IS about having confidence in yourself and convincing others to believe and trust you and to do what you want (or as I cheekily say to people - getting them to do what they're told!)

Sales is a con - con for convincing - con for confidence - con for consistent.  The major difference is that we choose to use our power for GOOD not EVIL!

So now we have that straight ... as long as you PROMISE to use your powers for good ... then you can read this great list of words and phrases that convince

Thank you to to Minda Zetlin Co-author, 'The Geek Gap'MindaZetlin > via > for this article.

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Here's a link to article I wrote called Sales, It's a Con (but used for good!!).


For the love of selling !

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