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I wanted to share some of what people have told me about their experience with KISS to Sell.

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  • I was paralyzed and now I'm comfortable in speaking with clients

    Listen to Louise and how she went from paralyzed to comfortable and confident with selling. If you are wanting to know more about what KISS To Sell Program is really like - then this video is for you:
    * How did you feel about before doing the program?
    * What was it really like to do the program with Fran?
    * What did you get out of doing KISS To Sell?

  • While on this Course I Closed a Big New Client

    eve john

    I am a copywriter, which is really just salesmanship in print. I’ve sold billions for my clients but when it came time to offer my own services or put together a solid offer selling myself, I stumbled and undervalued myself. After just the first week in the KISS To Sell program I got to understand what was happening in my mindset around selling and was able to close a new big client for 5 x the investment of the program.


    Eve John ~ Powerful Marketing for Powerhouse Women

  • This helped me grow my business and my confidence

    Debbie Mynett

    The KISS To Sell Group Coaching is well worth the investment and your time!

    Frances' knowledge of selling is second to none and her ability to phrase things in a simple way has really helped me grow my business and my confidence.


    Debbie Mynett ~ Can Do VA Solutions

  • While doing the program, the words started to come naturally!


    One of the very best things I have done since starting my business is Frances Pratt's Kiss to Sell 8 week coaching program. When she says she takes people who hate sales and helps them to love it, she really means it!!

    I can honestly say I have now used my new found skills to make or improve many sales. It has transformed the way I communicate with my clients and given me so much guidance to more effectively get leads. I incorporate what I've learned in all my marketing material, emails and conversations. It has improved my interactions with existing and potential clients, which feels great  I can't thank Frances enough.

    Frances knows so much about selling! At first I thought I'll never learn to spontaneously say the beautiful things she does. But, as the weeks went on, following her structured program and getting one-to-one help in the group coaching calls the words started to come naturally!

    Lorraine Pratley - Casey Natural Health Care

  • Finding the right words and clients is easy!


    If you want to " up" your selling and get more clients - do this course with Fran!

    She is such a master with selling skills and helping you find the right words. They make you feel comfortable to easily communicate your message with your clients.  She knows how to translate this into your business and your words.

    Julie Sergienko Bookkeeping Solutions

  • I have the confidence and my own personal sales style


    Frances helped me demystify sales and now I have confidence in my own personal sales style and am happily stepping potential clients through my own sales system.

    I love the coaching program format.  The materials gave me something to work on and think about and then Frances gave us the opportunity to focus on and apply this to my own business.

    Sarah Tovey - Bloom with Sarah

  • Fran understands business from startups to big end of town.

    Kaye Coghlan

    Fran is a delight to listen to and learn from. Her extensive corporate expertise, education & knowledge shines through in her ‘original’ program. 
    She provided us with a map, strategies & tools to help plan & implement while being gently encouraging. 
    Fran understands business from small startups like myself to the big end of town. 
    I feel her experience & enthusiasm would benefit any business.
    Thanks Fran 

    Kaye Coghlan - Kog Web Solutions

  • Learning my numbers with Fran released anxiety & gave clarity


    "Learning my business numbers with Fran released anxiety and gave me clarity.  The outcome has been relief and focus.

    Thank you for being on the business journey with me Fran. You have been an inspiration. I am truly a Fran fan!!"

    Veronica Kennedy - A Hand to Help

  • Changing my perspective on selling

    Leah Foley

    I had some great insights from Fran during her sales course. Apart from changing my perspective on sales, which was foundational, she gave such easy tweaks with what I ask or say that created an immediate change. 

    So easy, but I feel the best thing is I'm now open to even having a sales conversation with potential clients now and can support them through the buying process. Thanks Fran! 

    Leah Raposa Foley - Invoke Spirit

  • To get more clients .... you need to ask!

    Jodie Snooks

    Frances Pratt gave me confidence to pursue more stockists.  Using her tools, 
    I refined my ‘lean in factor’ put my ‘big girl pants on’ 
    approached 3 new wholesalers & signed 2!

    Jodie Snooke - And Co

  • How to ... stop seeing sales as pushy!

    Belinda Gill

    Rather than seeing sales as pushing ... 
    I now see it as helping someone to find a solution to a need or desire.  

    So much easier!

    Belinda Gill - Better Than Busy

  • My attitude to 'sales' has been challenged and changed completely!


    Frances has been instrumental in getting my business to the next level. Her ability of being able to tap into your industry and give you the words needed to engage with clients at every stage of interaction is phenomenal. I now feel that I have tapped into my purpose with authenticity and confidence. My attitude to 'sales' has been challenged and changed completely. If you're looking for strategies and support to find your own personal sales groove I highly recommend getting Frances on your team.

    Louise Weavell ~ Zen Organising

  • Procrastinating about this was holding me back!

    Alecia Pinner The Last Word


    "I didn’t realise the degree to which a bad impression or feeling about sales was preventing me 
    from directly promoting my business,The Final Word. 

    Procrastinating about this was holding me back!"

    Alecia Pinner - The Final Word


  • Thank you for how Specific you were with the Sales Dialogue

    Ashley Fiona

    I've just finished the webinar you did with Leonie Dawson (shiningacademy.com) and I wanted to send you a shout out of THANKS!

    I appreciate how specific you were with dialogue in regard to conversing with clients re: sales.  This is an area I find challenging.  I create artworks to help others celebrate those loved and lost. 

    Forming dialogue for such deep and emotional conversations is, at times, the most challenging part of my journey with my clients.

    I'll need to practice and I'm not sure I'd be able to get as crunchy as you spoke about, but I'll give it a go.

    Ashley Fiona - Handmade Australian Ceramics & Ashkeepers

  • Find your Sales Gaps and Fill them the Right Way !

    Hear what Rosie Shilo from Virtually Yours has to say about the best bits she took from a KISS To Sell Sales Training day.

  • Clear and Understandable ways to Improve your Sales Process

    Want to know what people get from KISS To Sell? Here is the great Sam Macfarlane from Sam Says wuth her thoughts on the sales training from KISS To Sell.

  • A fabulous manual to help me implement my sales plans

    Debra Shakespeare shares her learnings from the KISS To Sell sales training.

  • Motivating Mum - Giveaway Monday – Review of KISS To Sell Program

    Motivating Mum - Approved Service

    It is my absolute pleasure to be reviewing the KISS to Sell online sales training being run by Frances Pratt.

    I was drawn to this course as it advertises itself as “Selling for those who don’t like selling”. Well this is me to a tee and I was very excited to be given the opportunity to review the workshop.

    Most of us Mums in business are great at what we do, but getting clients is one of the challenges a lot of people have and this course could be the answer to your needs.

    It was a really comprehensive course delivered in a friendly and professional manner. I loved the videos and Frances exuded a feeling of “Yes! I can do this” while being calm and gentle in her guidance of the sales process. .....

    Read more of the KISS To Sell review...

  • KISS To Sell takes the mystery out of sales success!

    "Thank you for your KISS To Sell, it is refreshing and took the ‘mystery’ out of sales success for me.  Listening to your ‘no nonsense’ approach to selling for reaching the desired outcome was just what I needed to hear.


    Just this evening I had 2 prospects and both walked out of the studio having made a substantial purchase. The biggest thing for me to take out of the evening was to let go of my “marketing” perfectionism and adopt a more flexible “sales” approach – it paid dividends!"


    Donna Monaghan - Personal Training Studio

  • Thanks - I now feel better about following up !

    I was approached by a listener to my Webinar on Sales Made Simple for Australian Businesswomen's Network to help elaborate on how to follow up and leave voicemail.  This prompted two blog posts.

    Sales Follow up Etiquette - How to do it without feeling pushy!

    Sales Follow up Etiquette II - A nice person's guide to connecting with people

    She loved it !

    "Thank you so much for your response.  The articles have really helped me!  I now feel good about following up when all I receive is voicemail."

    Vikki Southey - Principal - Lucamie Solutions


    Sales Follow Up Etiquette – How to do it without feeling pushy! - See more at: http://kisstosell.com.au/www/content/default.aspx?cid=883&fid=695#sthash.vVNVSHUd.dpuf
    Sales Follow Up Etiquette – How to do it without feeling pushy! - See more at: http://kisstosell.com.au/www/content/default.aspx?cid=695#sthash.hSArtkG9.dpuf
    Sales Follow Up Etiquette – How to do it without feeling pushy! - See more at: http://kisstosell.com.au/www/content/default.aspx?cid=695#sthash.hSArtkG9.dpuf
    Sales Follow Up Etiquette – How to do it without feeling pushy! - See more at: http://kisstosell.com.au/www/content/default.aspx?cid=695#sthash.hSArtkG9.dpuf

  • The one-on-one consultation alone is worth the cost of this course!

    “We all want (and need) more sales, but the process can feel like a labyrinth!

    Frances lays out a clear roadmap through which she leads you, step by step, proffering her expert skillset at each turn.

    While the KISS to Sell workbooks cover all the mechanics of the sale from cold calling scripts through to meetings, proposals and contracts, Frances ensures you keep the spotlight firmly on the customer’s emotional needs and wants by communicating all salient points on their frequency, the WII-FM channel – ‘What’s In It For Me’.

    The one-on-one consultation alone is worth the cost of this course!

    Linda Fairbairn -- Creator or Journey Jottings

  • KISS To Sell helped us develop our Sales Strategy with our Business Concept

    "I worked through the KISS to Sell program whilst we were setting up our company.

    It was great in identifying a sales strategy to bring our service to market. Giving us a system to work through and enabling confidence when speaking with potential clients.

    Once the business was established, we used KISS to Sell, to review what we had done successfully and how we can further increase sales.

    I additionally liked the online, week by week concept, which allowed for our sales strategy to be developed along with our business concept"

    Cameron Scott - CEO - Energia Australia

  • It's people like you who help teach me the rules & make this new world of sales accessible.

    "Fran, it's people like you who help teach me the rules and make this new world of sales accessible. I appreciate you making explicit these 'implicit rules' that nobody teaches us. I particularly like the You, Me, Next Step strategy. Subconsciously, I think I usually do this, but it's nice to make it explicit and easy to remember -- so thanks!

    You've also got a 'cleanness' about the way you speak ...  without verbal clutter, without baggage. I look forward to in the future working with you some more and learning the secrets of selling."

    Erin O'Brien, Founder activate28.com

  • Your 1st Video was awesome !

    Your 1st video was awesome!! It was perfect for me to understand. Everything you covered especially with getting referrals was just what I needed to hear. I like your motto of "You got to give to get!" So I'm going to work on a reward for referral program.

    S Aiono - Founder - 4DGraphics

  • "...the ideal mentor for people who want to improve their selling."

    “Fran Pratt is an absolute superstar, and easily one of the most talented and well-rounded sales professionals I have met. Her passion for helping other people succeed in sales makes her the ideal mentor for people who want to improve their selling.

    Not long after we met, a significant deal of mine teetered on the edge of collapse. Fran's sales insight and advice helped me to realise just how I could turn this around. Taking this guidance into one of the final meetings, the impact was instant and dramatic. Shortly after the client confirmed us as the successful service provider.

    Fran is kind enough to open up and let others learn from her own mistakes. She is also smart enough to know exactly how to impart that knowledge so the other person 'gets it'. I could not recommend Fran highly enough, there are very few people who have impacted my professional life so positively.”

    Hannah Browne - Sales Consultant - Lambda Software

  • "...help me think about ...the (sales) techniques I can use to be successful!"

    "Thanks Fran - your articles make me think about the way I sell and have helped me to realise some of the reasons I have been successful or not. Now it’s clear to me when a sale works; how it works; reasons why it works; and the sales techniques I can use to repeat and be successful!~

    Happy Customer !

  • Frances' ability to understand our business ... is priceless.

    “Frances' ability to quickly understand our business and articulate this understanding in every day language is priceless. She is detailed and thorough which has resulted in the clarity we were missing in order to move forward in our sales strategy.” 

    Shirley Mantfield - Rubihawk